Medical Marijuana App Solves Industry’s Cash-Only Payments Problem

Medical Marijuana App Solves Industry’s Cash-Only Payments Problem

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It is no secret that the medical marijuana industry in the United States faces an uphill struggle, indeed our readers will remember that we covered the issue in detail recently and discussed how dependence on cash is putting both medical marijuana businesses as well as consumers at a great deal of risk. It is interesting to note that there have been developments in this field and there is now a payments solution at hand for regulated medical marijuana businesses as well as customers. CanPay has recently announced a solution for the legal marijuana industry that has become available to users as well as businesses in the states of Washington, Oregon and Colorado. If this solution does indeed get adopted en-masse, it promises to solve the industry’s cash-only problem. Why no banking love for marijuana The problem in the United States arises from the dichotomy in laws. While in many states the use of medical marijuana is now allowed, federal law still acts as a spanner in the wheel. The banking industry is thus wary of being on the wrong side of federal law and the industry is largely unorganized. Consumers who want to access medical marijuana in states where it …

Telegram Bot Uses Bitcoin For Cheap International Calls

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A Latvian startup known as 120 Minutes recently introduced a Telegram-Bitcoin integration called CallCoin, which is short for phone call and Bitcoin, to enable international calls via Telegraph approximately 10x cheaper than the standard pricing. On ArticStartup, a technology company & blog established to promote emerging communities, 120 Minutes CEO Dmitry Chuyenko introduced the company’s Telegram bot, which utilizes Callback instead of VoIP to provide private call services using Bitcoin. Chuyenko stated: “Callcoin is the first Telegram bot that provides call services and the first service that offers a winning solution with payments in cryptocurrency.” Mechanism & Privacy Chuyenko believes online privacy is the single most important feature that every user must be provided with. Thus, Callcoin utilizes Bitcoin, which with some technologies like Mimblewimble and CoinJoin could become anonymous in theory, and enables an endless generation of new caller IDs for additional privacy. Users can rent different phone numbers, change Caller IDs at will and check call histories on a single platform. “Users can top up their credits with Bitcoin and recharge codes, and send them to anyone. Plus, they can access their history, check the tariffs, rent a different phone number, set a Caller ID and set multiple numbers …

Top 10 Killer Apps for Bitcoin: Ideas That Can Change the World

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What is Bitcoin’s most effective application? That is not an uncommon question in the cryptocurrency space, with people often looking for “killer apps.” I once saw a presentation for someone whose blockchain project was titled, literally, “killer app.” Was it an abstract art project, or a new and revolutionary blockchain tech?   A killer app is used colloquially to mean a few different things. In the context of this article, “killer app” sticks with the traditional definition: “a feature, function, or application of a new technology or product that is virtually indispensable or much superior to rival products.” Further, we touch not only on Bitcoin-specific startups or techs, but also on those which apply a version of bitcoin’s underlying technology, the blockchain. Top 10 Bitcoin Killer Apps Code Valley Via Code Valley Noel Lovisa refers to his company Code Valley as Bitcoin’s killer app. Code Valley says it makes lets developers repeatedly trade their specialist design expertise for bitcoin. It dubs itself “the world’s first free automated market for software.” Developers create a vendor account to trade in the Code Valley marketplace. Vendors act as “automated assist and intellectual property guardians.” “This technology dispenses with formal runtime interfaces and uses no glue-logic whatsoever, making it the …