Richard Branson: Blockchain Is an ‘Economic Revolution

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Virgin Group founder and billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson is a huge supporter of blockchain technology. While talking to the press on October 3, Branson said the tech could bring an “economic revolution” to many nations worldwide. Sir Richard Branson Praises Blockchain Land Registry Bitcoin and blockchain technology is a keen interest for Sir Richard Branson. This week, Branson chatted with the media concerning blockchain technology’s many potentials. To make his point, Branson referred to the recent partnership between Bitfury and Hernando de Soto, who are trialing a land titling distributed ledger platform. Bitfury and the Peruvian economist aim to work with the Republic of Georgia’s National Agency of Public Registry. The project aims to deploy blockchain technology to create a better land titling system, with transparent and immutable attributes. In developing countries, land titles are often manipulated, forged, and taken from their rightful owners. At the Virgin Disruptors event this week in London, Branson told attendees: If you take somewhere like Egypt, 90 percent of people have got houses, they’ve got a garden, but they’ve got no piece of paper to show ownership of that — And without ownership of your property, it’s almost impossible to start a business or get a bank loan …


Bitcoin ATMs Are Popping Up in Great Numbers Across the US

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Since the beginning of the summer, there’s been an influx of Bitcoin ATMs (or “BTMs”) installed across the US. The past few months saw almost 20 new machines appear. Also read: The Bitcoin ATM: The Improved Teller Machine EasyBit Adds Six BTMs Across the US The EasyBit BTM network announced it has installed six new machines across four states. Headquartered in the US and Argentina, EasyBit has been gaining steam. The firm’s installed its first BTM at a Thai restaurant in Amsterdam. Now, the company operates 35 machines in nine countries. EasyBit uses both GenesisCoin and CoinOutlet cryptocurrency automated tellers. The six new BTMs are in Texas, Hawaii, Georgia, and Utah. Since its founding in 2013, EasyBit has become a reputable provider of Bitcoin-powered automated tellers. Michael Dupree, CEO, and founder of EasyBit, said at the latest install announcement: We’ve observed that adding a bitcoin ATM greatly improves bitcoin adoption in these communities. Our host locations often see better foot traffic and increased revenue after putting in a bitcoin ATM, making it a win-win for everyone. ATM Provider Athena Bitcoin Continues to Grow Another Bitcoin-based ATM operator is a growing US company called Athena Bitcoin. The Chicago-based company, launched seven new BTMs this past September. Athena Bitcoin has also ramped up …


Top 10 Killer Apps for Bitcoin: Ideas That Can Change the World

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What is Bitcoin’s most effective application? That is not an uncommon question in the cryptocurrency space, with people often looking for “killer apps.” I once saw a presentation for someone whose blockchain project was titled, literally, “killer app.” Was it an abstract art project, or a new and revolutionary blockchain tech?   A killer app is used colloquially to mean a few different things. In the context of this article, “killer app” sticks with the traditional definition: “a feature, function, or application of a new technology or product that is virtually indispensable or much superior to rival products.” Further, we touch not only on Bitcoin-specific startups or techs, but also on those which apply a version of bitcoin’s underlying technology, the blockchain. Top 10 Bitcoin Killer Apps Code Valley Via Code Valley Noel Lovisa refers to his company Code Valley as Bitcoin’s killer app. Code Valley says it makes lets developers repeatedly trade their specialist design expertise for bitcoin. It dubs itself “the world’s first free automated market for software.” Developers create a vendor account to trade in the Code Valley marketplace. Vendors act as “automated assist and intellectual property guardians.” “This technology dispenses with formal runtime interfaces and uses no glue-logic whatsoever, making it the …


New 100% Automated Bitcoin Investing Platform Requires No Experience & $20.00 to Try It Out.

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How Would You like your Money to Make you more Money Flipping Bitcoin 24 Hours A Day /  7 Days A week? As things continue to evolve within the crypto-currency community, there’re many new, great, not so great and fascinating options and opportunities popping up just about everywhere.. The question is… If you were to come across such wonderful life enhancing and life improvement blessing no matter at what level the improvement turns out to be just as long as it’s an improvement, would you recognize it? Would you be able to identify it amongst all the noise and clutter also competing for attention? What would you do if you found that transparent, uber easy to understand, digital golden opportunity to flip bitcoin 24/7? Just incase your not sure what it is your looking at  when you see it, I’m going to whisper it in your ear so you don’t miss out! Oh, don’t mention it!! You can thank me later! This perpetual no training wheels needed, simple, lucrative, highly scalable  digital currency generating masterpiece that works just the same for beginners and experienced alike! It’s 100% fully – Automated System with NO RISK, Only Reward? A fully Automated System where You Earn high commissions on each transaction as the investor. You, the investor are in full control of exactly how much cashola / profit you will to …


How the Dark Web Works

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Beneath our everyday internet lurks a murky network of encrypted sites known as the Dark Web. Is it all bad? No. But it does fuel a lucrative criminal subculture that could threaten businesses and consumers. The Dark Web is an ominous network of shadowy hackers hellbent on stealing company data, overthrowing the country, and selling drugs to your kids with Bitcoin. Or is it? The hidden and encrypted internet enables hackers and activists and criminals. It’s also a wonderful source for shocking headlines and salacious YouTube stories, and a communication and privacy-enhancing platform. Powered by a network of encrypted websites and accessible only by using a complex set of security tools, the Dark Web is as intriguing as it is beguiling. To understand the realities of the hidden internet, better grab a flashlight. The Dark Web and the deep web are terms often confused and used interchangeably. The deep web is a term that refers to sites and pages unavailable to the general public and not indexed by traditional search engines, like corporate intranet sites, private social media posts, and pages with nofollow search tags. Above the deep web hovers the clearnet, the traditional internet and mobile web used by …


How To Access Dark Web In 15 Minutes (Super Easy Guide)

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Are you trying to find out how to access the dark web? Well, look no further, we have gone and done the research so we could show you step by step the best and safest way how to access the deep web. We cover everything, from setting up Tor, how to choose a VPN, what not to do, finding the best sites to access, and extra steps to remain anonymous. It is extremely easy to access the dark web and even easier to be detected on it if you don’t take precautions. If you are new to the deep web, this guide will help you on your way. According to researchers, only 4% of the internet is visible to the general public. Meaning that the remaining 96% of the internet is made up of “The Deep Web”. Dark Web or Dark Net is a subset of the Deep Web where there are sites that sell drugs, hacking software, counterfeit money and more. We explain this further down the article if you are not up to speed. If you are looking to access hidden marketplace’s or darknet websites (with a .onion domain) then dark web access is done using the TOR network with …