Walton Blockchain Partners Korean Standards Association Envisioning Fourth Industrial Revolution– Crypto News

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With a vision of establishing blockchain innovation that will be welcoming the 4th Industrial Transformation, The Korean Standards Association( KSA)has signed a contract with

the Walton Blockchain Institute.Strong function of the collaboration

The Korean Standards Association, a public organization under South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Market, and Energy (MOTIE) wased established to contribute to the development of Korean economy by enhancing industrial standards and quality management, thus motivating the usage of clinical strategies and improving production efficiency.Korean Standards Association partners with Walton Blockchain Institute on the development of the blockchain technology to accept the Fourth Industrial Transformation. #Waltonchain #Blockchain #IoT #Education#Industry 40the Growing Chinese Chip Industry South Korea: Devoted to the blockchain South Korea plans to be among the leaders in supporting blockchain. It has not only regulated the cryptocurrencies today likewise is investing in training and education so that it can contribute great experts as the blockchain and cryptocurrencies discover acceptance.This collaboration is one such example where

Walton Blockchain Institute teamed up with the Korea Standards Association to present Blockchain Specialist Certification Certificate, a private-certified qualification.

The very first appraisal test will be held later this year. Blockchain specialist qualifications are categorized into Level 1 and Level 2; Level 2 requires a written test, and Level 1 is evaluated through a composed test and an interview.The managing director of the Korea Standards Association Lim Hyeon Cheol highlighted:”The purpose of this partnership agreement is to promote blockchain-related technical education, cultivate talents and enhance IT professionalism.” The accomplishment of

the blockchain education is our present concern and the growing of blockchain talents is the foundation for the advancement of the future blockchain innovation. With this level of commitment to blockchain, South Korea absolutely looks ahead in the race and with training professionals to blockchain innovation, it is planting saplings towards a better future.Will other countries follow suit and up their video game by investing in training for blockchain technology and its implementation like South Korea? DO let us understand your views on thesame. Short article Call Walton Blockchain partners Korean Standards Association visualizing 4th Industrial Revolution Description With a vision of establishing blockchain technology that will be accepting the Fourth Industrial Transformation, The Korean Standards Association( KSA)has signed a contract with the Walton Blockchain Institute. NILESH MAURYA