Oxford University Professors to Build the World’s First Decentralized Blockchain-based University– Crypto Currency News

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Oxford University

A group of professors at the world-renowned Oxford University are wanting to start the world’s very first blockchain university,

but need the powers of the EU first.Woolf The team of professors believes that blockchain technology and wise contracts can help democratize the traditional structure of college. This “blockchain university” called
Woolf” is led by a group of academics at Oxford.Woolf is led by

Joshua Broggi, a teacher from the Professors of Philosophy.Woolfs site’s” about

” page discusses: “Woolf will be intoUniversities across the international. Arizona State University has its own blockchain research study lab and is looking for deal classes in blockchain innovation in the near future.Swiss University Lucerne accepts tuition payments through

Bitcoin( BTC) now.While those two examples have nothing to do with blockchain underlying the ‘structure

‘ of the universities, it reveals that this is simply the start of blockchain in higher education.Featured Image: OXitemscope= itemscope itemtype= http://schema.org/SiteNavigationElement > Next Blockchain 101|Exactly what is

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