Of course there’s a blockchain-based religion

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an AI-based faith called” Method of The Future.”And, at the time, it appeared like the strangest modern technology-inspired religion we had actually see.But Liston’s faith appears like the ultimate” HODL my beer”to that sentiment.It’s hard to make sense of 0xΩ based solely on exactly what Liston and Vocalist have informed the media, however there suffices info to make some assumptions. Service Expert reports Liston said: We’re incentivising mindsharing, and ultimately mind upload to utilize consensus to form a structure of collective awareness. And then, we’ll raise a private interaction with a spiritual structure as a group involvement in a cumulative awareness where the structure itself is god.That sounds a lot like” we’re going to publish our souls to the blockchain,”and, if that holds true, we ‘d absolutely love to see the white paper on that.It might be much easier to

comprehend a religion that worships an AI, like Lewandowski’s Way of the Future, because, well, makers can interact with us. Some theories on synthetic basic intelligence suggest that a person day machines could end up being sentient, possibly even exceeding people in intelligence. It follows, there ‘d be some folks ready to take the early plunge and try and get on our future robotic overlords ‘great sides.Blockchain, on the other hand, seems better fit to facilitate praise than recieve it– but we’re not evaluating. Singer, for example, suggested to Organisation Expert that she thought individuals might one day tokenize an art piece she ‘d developed as a type of prayer.The art in question? A narwhal with a doge head and an Etheruem tail. Yep, appears about right.Credit: Avery Vocalist Share your thoughts on the decentralization of God in

the comments section below– or simply put a prayer on the blockchain and hope it reaches us.