Leading Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC] exchange ShapeShift partners with Accept.io

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On 5th July, Accept.io made a vital tie-up with ShapeShift, an online phase for quick and safe switching digitalized possessions without a record/account. Accept.io is a London-based sharing-economy mall for buying and providing goods and services.This tie-up will now

enable its users to exchange leading digital properties directly from the Accept.io Market with a basic two-click process.Philip O’Shaughnessy, founder, and CEO of Accept.io said:”Accept.io users will have the ability to trade whatever

they like, whenever they like, quickly, securely and firmly utilizing smart contracts backed by our public blockchain. Through our ShapeShift collaboration, our market platform is a big step closer to fulfilling the unbelievable user experience standards developed by standard payment apps.”ShapeShift is an online platform where users have the power to purchase and provide computerized resources such as digitalized properties. It empowers its customers to quickly and securely trade Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC] and other major blockchain-based tokens and resources. ShapeShift is a quick and secure route for the world to buy and sell without any lengthy information exchange processes, no counterparty threats, and no discord.According to Accept.io’s CEO, through the ShapeShift collaboration, Accept.io’s marketplace platform is an action better to meeting the sophisticated user experience requirements produced by traditional

payment apps. Making use of the Accept.io’s Market will offer the users a smooth experience.c3lopetra, a Twitter user, and crypto lover commented on the collaboration statement saying:”Would be even better to have a completely personal decentralized p2p #marketplace like @ParticlProject has currently on testnet contributed to @ShapeShift_io however I’m confident now, seeing that you guys appreciate it so much! #BePART “Continue Reading You may like Sberbank’s CEO states, Cryptocurrency may not change fiat

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