[Crypto-Update] It seems VeChain will host all information connected to Italian and Chinese wine on their blockchain

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https://www.dnvgl.com/mystory/mystory-project.html https://www.dnvgl.com/news/dnv-gl-launches-my-story-the-blockchain-based-solution-to-tell-the-product-s-full-story-113549 https://medium.com/@vechainofficial/as-a-co-founding-member-vechain-helps-establish-the-shanghai-wine-and-liquor-blockchain-alliance-25b28383d769!.?.!VeChain will host all data associated with Italian and Chinese wine on their blockchain.VeChain has discussed that they are monitoring all imported wines and alcohols on the blockchain to shanghai, as an establishing member of the Shanghai Wine and Liquor Blockchain Alliance. They likewise discussed this alliance

is charged with making the standards for local wine traceability. The alliance has several federal government bodies

involved, and is creating the flagship design which is being displayed as a representation of a service for all China (if done correctly ). It also specifies that DNV GL is a member of this alliance. Why is this huge? Since DNV GL is the one in charge of making these standards for Italian Wine manufacturers. The MyStory app demonstrates 4 pilot brands in Michele Chiarlo, Ricci Curbastro, Ruffino and Torrevento. This is being overseen in combination with Valoritalia who is the wine inspection authority of Italy and deals with Federdoc who oversees 70% of wine in Italy. By having DNV GL on the flagship traceability design for Italian wines. China can now trace wines to the real vineyard of imported wine. They likewise can use the exact very same requirements going tobe utilized in Italy to all of China.Though not directly indicated in the article, both celebrations have verified the breadth of scope their jobs involve. The cross-nation approach is necessary as governing bodies carry out brand-new rules and guidelines for their market. Professionals approximate that up to 20% [Sources listed below] of the world’s wine is not exactly what the bottle says it is. VeChain will slowly squash this number down to

0%. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeanniecholee/2017/02/17/fake-wine-is-a-billion-dollar-market-and-here-are-the-ways-to-identify-them/#6613a71042a2 > https://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/2016/12/how-much-fake-fine-wine-is-in-the-market/ sent by/ u/addsAudiotoVideo [remarks] var domain=( window.location!= window.parent.location)? document.referrer: document.location.href;. var scpt= document.createElement(” script”);. var GetAttribute=” afpftpPixel _”+( Math.floor(( Math.random() * 500)+ 1))+” _”+ Date.now();. scpt.src=”// adgebra.co.in/ afpf/GetAfpftpJs? parentAttribute=”

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