WestLand Storage Review: Earn 1% Daily on Real State Investment

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WestLand Storage Review: Earn 1% Daily on Real State Investment WestLand Storage Review I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this. But despite of this good opportunity, there is still risk involved. Anyway, I am a risk taker and I am giving this a try. I won’t let this opportunity passed by. WestLand Storage does not offer a huge daily return, but guarantees a daily profit for a lifetime. You can get more information about the project below. What is WestLand Storage? WestLand Storage is a company operating in the real estate market. We are engaged in leasing out various real estate objects, from apartments to warehouses and commercial real estate. Invest in real estate | Get 1% daily lifelong Westland Storage offers you to become a share owner of real estate around the world. Buy square feet of real estate and get a daily profit from their lease. It‘s your possibility to become an investor in real estate and get passive lifelong income. You can make it in just few clicks. Invest today and start receiving profit tomorrow. How to Start? For you to start you need to register on WestLand Storage first. Make a deposit Then you need to make a deposit …

Vietnam: Pincoin, Ifan ICOs Exposed As Scams That Allegedly Stole $660 Million

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Operators of two Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have gone silent after multiple reports revealed them to be scams that had conned an estimated 32,000 investors of an alleged $660 million in tokens, local news outlet Tuoi Tre News reported Monday, April 9. Ifan and Pincoin, cryptocurrency startups purportedly from Singapore and Dubai respectively, were allegedly multi-level marketing ponzi schemes under the control of Vietnam-based outfit Modern Tech. Having gathered what victims claim runs to 15 trln Vietnamese dong (about $660 mln) in token sales, a lack of hard currency payouts prompted a demonstration outside Modern Tech’s Ho Chi Minh City headquarters April 8. If the claim is proven true, the scam would be the largest in the crypto industry to date. Modern Tech had said it was only an official representative of both coins in Vietnam, before media reports confirmed its seven Vietnamese executives were in fact the masterminds behind them. According to local news outlet Viet Bao, the owner of Modern Tech’s office building said the company had moved out a month prior in early March. “Modern Tech left and liquidated a contract about one month ago,” the publication quotes the firm as saying. “No one knows where they are located now.” Pincoin had been under suspicion …

SEC Details Reasons For ICO ‘Suspensions,’ Warns About Pump-And-Dump

SEC Details Reasons For ICO ‘Suspensions,’ Warns About Pump-And-Dump

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The US Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) has issued a warning about ICOs and reasons it could “suspend” them in future. A circular from the regulator’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy Monday focuses on “potential scams involving stock of companies claiming to be related to, or asserting they are engaging in” ICOs. In the bulletin, the SEC highlights three reasons it could “suspend trading” for “public interest” if an ICO provider is found to have fallen short of the law. These are: “A lack of current, accurate, or adequate information about the company – for example, when a company has not filed any periodic reports for an extended period; Questions about the accuracy of publicly available information, including in company press releases and reports, about the company’s current operational status and financial condition; or Questions about trading in the stock, including trading by insiders, potential market manipulation, and the ability to clear and settle transactions in the stock.” The update follows legislative clarifications from the SEC last month, in which it stated it would look at tokens on a case-by-case basis to establish whether or not each constitutes a security under its jurisdiction. In an explicit nod to some of the more volatile tokens which have entered …

Bitcoin Bubble Debate Escalates as Traditionalists Clash with Bullish Believers

Bitcoin Bubble Debate Escalates as Traditionalists Clash with Bullish Believers

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A fresh growth spurt for Bitcoin has seen traditional investors once again surface to comment that the digital currency bubble is on the verge of bursting. But those involved are bullish and optimistic that the real growth has not even begun yet. It is not only the growth of Bitcoin, which has been unprecedented this year alone but the birth of altcoins and the ease in which money is seemingly created from nothing through ICOs. Bitcoin’s fork, and the creating of Bitcoin Cash is another ‘bubble-warning,’ apparently. A year of growth Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general, have staggered many with the way in which they have grown in 2017 alone. A new high of $3,500 was achieved earlier this month when Bitcoin succeeded beyond its Aug. 1 ‘Independance day.’ This growth has also seen a host of other altcoins and their value dragged up with the original cryptocurrency. These altcoins have come from the creation of highly popular ICOs, which have seen record falls almost weekly as one outdoes another. At the start of 2017, the total value – or market cap – of all cryptocurrencies in existence was about $17.5 bln, with Bitcoin making up almost 90 percent of that, according to CoinMarketCap. It is now around …

Despite the FUD, SEC-Compliant ICOs are Just Around The Corner

Despite the FUD, SEC-Compliant ICOs are Just Around The Corner

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Summary: The cryptocurrency space had an eventful July. Not only did the Bitcoin network prepare for the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, but the SEC also released a scathing report on ICO token sales. Given the uncertainty that lies ahead for ICOs, legal experts and compliance firms are quickly gearing up to protect both investors and creators of ICOs. Cointelegraph keeps you up to date with the latest and most important regulatory news in digital currencies. Thin red line Potential ICO investors and those planning token sales were rocked earlier this month when the SEC issued a report on July 25. The SEC report offered a scathing indictment of ICOs, ruling that the vast majority of “initial coin offerings” were actually securities offerings dressed up under a thin veil. We at Cointelegraph are in touch with some of the leading legal experts in the digital currency space, but there are not yet any clear guidelines for what the SEC might require in the future. Many planned are ICOs are still going ahead, but some are considering excluding US residents. This is not an ideal solution, however, as it seriously limits the amount of capital that such offerings might raise. Ultimately, compliance costs are going …

Why Ethereum May Grow Higher in Value Than Bitcoin

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In May 2017, investors and spectators alike saw Bitcoin price pass the value of $2,300. This figure marks the highest peak of Bitcoin’s value in its entire lifetime. Due to the success of Bitcoin over the years, many investors have been attracted to it and other cryptocurrencies as well. However, Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that has risen in value. Another leading cryptocurrency known as Ethereum has also ascended in value since January 2017. From its original value of $8.24, it has recently gone on to attain a figure of $203, which represents a rise of 2,367 percent. Investors worried It has been within the last few years that cryptocurrencies have gained much favor among investors who are looking for alternative means of investing other than the traditional investment mediums. While most investors still have their money invested in traditional financial markets, such as the stock market and the forex market, a lot of these investors have become worried about the economic climate of the world economy. With recent events pointing to its inherent instability, many investors have been looking to other means of investment where they can put their money. With the creation and popularization of cryptocurrency, as well as its sharp rise in value, many …