Explosive Price Surge: $100 Bitcoin Bought in 2010 Now Worth $75 Mln

Explosive Price Surge: $100 Bitcoin Bought in 2010 Now Worth $75 Mln

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Earlier this week, CNBC, one of the few mainstream media outlets that have been offering extensive coverage on Bitcoin over the past few months, revealed that $100 worth of Bitcoin purchased in 2010 is now worth $75 mln. In a relatively short span of seven years, Bitcoin price surged from around $0.003 to a staggering $2,389. That is a 796,000x return as an investment. In fact, today, on May 24, Bitcoin price hit a new all-time high at $2,392 and is continuously demonstrating a rising demand from both casual and institutional investors. Bitcoin price hits new all-time high again for the second time this week at $2,392. Important to note, China made a strong comeback. pic.twitter.com/S8mceNDTqM — Joseph Young (@iamjosephyoung) May 24, 2017 The majority of mainstream media analysts suggest that Bitcoin price is completely speculative in the sense that investors are purchasing Bitcoin solely expecting a massive return in value. However, as Coingreed previously reported, prominent investors including GoldSilver.com founder Mike Maloney are encouraging investors to hold Bitcoin as a mandatory asset to hedge against inevitable global economic uncertainty and financial instability, not just as a large return investment. Bitcoin as digital currency and digital cash On the contrary, …

Bitsquare on LocalBitcoins’ Trail in Global Weekly Transaction Volumes

Bitsquare on LocalBitcoins’ Trail in Global Weekly Transaction Volumes

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Global weekly transaction volume on Bitsquare’s decentralized platform is gradually picking up, as the latest figures from Coin.Dance show. However, there is still a long way to go when compared to Bitcoin’s largest online trading marketplace, LocalBitcoins. LocalBitcoins is an open-source desktop application that allows the trading of Bitcoins for national or alternative cryptocurrencies, which recently hit a global average of $32,000 weekly volume in the week of Dec. 10. The weekly volume in Europe has the record for the highest amount of transactions – about €40,000. This did not come as a surprise to the platform, according to a statement made to Cointelegraph, because people are uncovering the potential of its app and they want to support it as an open-source project with huge potential. OpenBazaar and BitMarkets mirror Bitsquare’s principles, however, BitSquare maintains that no other project fits its definition of a decentralized Bitcoin exchange. Decentralized Bitcoin exchanges Regarding what has changed or is changing in the user’s perspective that is drawing their interest to the platform, Bitsquare’s Ken Shishido says: “We are seeing more hacks on centralized exchanges and regulatory environments in some parts of the world are forcing exchanges to turn some of their customers away. …

LocalBitcoins Volumes In New Global USD All-Time High, “Busiest Week Ever”

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In the wake of inching closer to its 2016 peak, CoinDance indicates that the worldwide weekly volume of popular P2P Bitcoin marketplace, LocalBitcoins, reached a new all-time high on record USD volumes last week with five countries – USA, Malaysia, Brazil, Venezuela, and Sweden – recording all-time highs within the same period. LocalBitcoins CEO Nikolaus Kangas says: “It was certainly one of the busiest weeks on our platform ever.” The highest price of the top digital currency this year stands at $763.33 in June. Last week, the price reached $720.29, the closest to the peak rate for the year so far. As may be expected of the five countries, Venezuela recorded the highest leap due to the worsening economic situation in the country which may have compelled the people to seek an alternative means to earn, send and receive money for their use outside the use of traditional banking institutions. Users follow price rise Though Nikolaus Kangas did not confirm the claim as a “100 percent technical fact,” the illustration shows the volume on the platform that facilitates over-the-counter trading of local currency for Bitcoin reached $15.9 mln as on Oct. 29, 2016. “I cannot say that it is 100 …

Exchanging from one digital currency to another is easy & automatic & instant with Changer.com

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Changer.com is an automatic platform that streamlines the exchange from one digital currency to another digital currency in an instant manner. No account needed! If you do create an account, however, you get access to the Discount System. The platform works automatically 24/7/365. You can change Bitcoin to Litecoin or Litecoin to Bitcoin instantly, for example. Just select the exchange direction and follow the instructions. We’re also in the process of developing exchanger.com and obmen.com (“exchange” in russian). Both domains currently just redirect the traffic to changer.com. 6+ years history: we opened our doors in April 2009 as xChanger.org and in 2014 re-branded as Changer.com. Reputation The majority of our customers come from referrals from other customers and that fact gives us great pride. We have built our reputation in time through quality of service. Take a look at the testimonials posted by our customers here. They go back to 2009 and there are thousands of testimonials to go through. Reliable and Secure We’ve built a system that allows us to ensure that we take the utmost care in securing and protecting your privacy & security. We are hosted in a DDOS-protected datacenter in Switzerland. Easy to use We aim …

Bleutrade Exchange – Review & Tutorial

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We’ve been trading cryptocurrency (alt coins such as Bitcoin, etc.) at Bleutrade for a few months now and figured it was time for a review of our experience(s).  We’ve also provided some tutorials on how to get started.   BLEUTRADE.COM REVIEW We first heard about Bleutrade earlier in 2014, but hadn’t gotten around to making an account and transferring in some cryptocurrency until May or June. We decided to check them out and start trading because their trading interface is quite a bit different than any other exchange out there.  (if you’re not quite sure what all of this “cryptocurrencies” stuff is all about – check out this good article over on Wikipedia) HOW IS BLEUTRADE DIFFERENT? This is not to say that the actual trading process is different – it’s not, but the fact that there are so many different “trading pairs” is what really got our attention. Many exchanges only allow for trading your favorite cryptocurrency for Bitcoin, and to a lesser extent the other exchanges will allow you to trade in Litecoin too, but only in limited markets.  Bittrex has recently opened some trading pairs with Blackcoin, but not many. HOW MANY TRADING PAIRS? Bleutrade on the …

Coinbase Launches Instant Bitcoin Buying and Selling

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Coinbase has announced the launch of its Instant Exchange, which will allow users to buy and sell bitcoin whilst protecting them against the digital currency’s price volatility. Users with euro, dollar or pound Coinbase accounts will be able to purchase or sell bitcoin directly on the company’s website. Once their instant buy or sell order has been executed, the funds will be withdrawn from or credited to the users’ local currency wallet. Coinbase said in a blog post: “We are excited to offer these simple tools which will allow Coinbase users to realise the fast, cheap and global nature of bitcoin payments without exposure to bitcoin price changes.” According to the company’s website, the newly launched feature will be subject to Coinbase’s standard conversion fees and users will also have to adhere to their standard limits, which can be checked by logging into their accounts. The news comes shortly after Coinbase announced it was suspending operations in Wyoming due to regulatory legislation.