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“It is not wrong to think that the traditional buying of a product has been replaced with an unwritten contract of shared values between a business and its customers.”

David Amerland, author, speaker, analyst (Google Search Engine)   

IT-jobs are among the most popular offered for bitcoins and the other crypto. No surprise, the market is growing dynamically and the web-services are needed more than ever. Some time ago SEO companies were reluctant to introducing digital currencies as an alternative payment method. Luckily, the situation is changing in favour of customers using crypto.

There are certain advantages in applying cryptocurrencies for both the SEO companies and their clients: first and foremost the higher demand, higher competitiveness, lower transaction fees and the ability to foresee the trends in the market. In fact, many SEO services and their clients are strong virtual currency enthusiasts, and apart from getting their main job done promote virtual currency exchanges on a regular basis. Let’s see who’s willing to improve your SEO for bitcoin and the like:

SEObitcoincom is an official SEO Bitcoin vendor, who can provide you with a SEO analysis, help to optimize search engine and other digital services with a package of products to “boost” your website with the three chosen key phrases. Accepts bitcoin and gives a possibility to exchange bitcoins as well.

negative-seo-services3 is a service with many tips aimed at improving your image on the web and eliminating your positive reputation. The reputation management services and positive SEO service are offered for bitcoin. Consulting with NegativeSeoGuy can be incredibly helpful when it comes to online crisis management, and when it comes to avoiding unconscious mistakes in positioning your business in world web.

San Francisco SEO Agency

SEOagency accomodates all the old and the new Google search engine service updates, working both locally in California and worldwide, with both online and offline businesses. The company is serious about long-term results, so the tips they are giving are worthwhile to rely upon. Among the virtual currenciesit accepts are: bitcoins, mintcoins, earthcoins, DigiBytes, microcoins, iCoins and some more.


If you’re not on the first page, you are nowhere provides keyword expertise to raise the ranking strategy of your website. In terms of reputation management the company will help you to remove inacurate information from the public eye. The effective strategy, which the bitnewt uses consists of four steps: reserach, technical optimization, content marketing and resulrs analysis. Among bitnewt’s clients are many bitcoiners and virtual currency fans: QuickBitcoin,, XZZX.BIZ e-currency exchange, BitcoinReviewer, BitcoinLister and many more. 

Volume nine


From January 1, 2014 based in Denver accepts bitcoin virtual currency for its effective SEO services via Coinbase. Investing in organic trafic is one of the key principles in the company’s work from 2006. Educating clients is another value booster right after you schedule your SEO Audit for the first time.   

SEO Bandwagon


To support its vendors and to expand its market knows what virtual currency is and adopts it widely. The SEO services are bitcoin and litecoin-friendly.

The spread of virtual currencies in the SEO industry is a positive sign for both parties, who are becoming more supportive when their ideas on evolving technology are met with understanding.