Bitcoin Rate Watch: Currency Still at $6,700.

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Bitcoin is not changing. This is both an unfavorable and a favorable indication. $6,700 is nothing to be particularly pleased about considering the currency was trading in the $7,000, $8,000 and even $9,000 varieties over the previous 2 months, yet we cannot assist but feel a little relieved that bitcoin has not dropped any even more. While $6,700 is not anything to commemorate, investors and traders alike can enjoy the concept that bitcoin most likely is not going to shrink any further over the coming days.Bitcoin has actually remained in its present position for roughly 4 days, and one source explains that the bulls are still controlling the coin’s long-lasting supremacy despite the current hack of South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb, which we discussed information with bitcoin futures to see if the currency’s rate has experienced adjustment over the last 7 months, and it is uncertain how Coinbase executives will manage this demand or if they are willing to cooperate.Charts by TradingView