Bitcoin Completes the Retrace Down on the Daily Chart. Time to Go Long?

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Daily Chart

Bitcoin made a bullish turnaround last month. It flushed off some weak stops below the $6,000 level at the end of June, and in July Bitcoin finished the very first bullish relocation which took this cryptocurrency around $2,500 higher.We missed that relocation since the major trend has actually been bearish for Bitcoin this year, so we believed that this may be another weak pullback higher prior to Bitcoin resumed the sag. However, Bitcoin broke all the moving averages on the day-to-day timeframe and made brand-new highs which suggested the trend had changed.We couldn’t get in late on that move, so I highlighted in the previous

weeks that I will try to get in long on Bitcoin when we see a pullback lower. Now the pullback lower appears total on the everyday chart.The moving average I was considering was the 50 SMA(yellow). The cost has reached that moving average and

it is discovering support right above it now. If you take a look at the stochastic indication, you can see that it is significantly oversold, which means that the retrace lower is complete and the cost is oversold on the daily chart.But, we should get a confirmation for that. The verification originates from the other day’s daily candlestick. It formed a doji above the 50 SMA which is a reversing signal after a pullback.Weekly Chart The weekly chart looks pretty bearish though The day-to-day chart looks a bit frightening for purchasers. The 50 SMA declined the cost last week, the weekly candlestick looks truly bearish.

In fact, the chart setup looks quite bearish considering that the

last 2 candlesticks have formed a bearish engulfing pattern. That, the stochastic sign is heading down.In this chart, the place to purchase Bitcoin would be at the previous lows around $6,000. Stochastic would be oversold by then and the 100 SMA(green) would have overtaken the price, hence offering assistance. The daily chart is pointing to a bullish turnaround now, so they are opposing each other. Well, we have to take a choice. If we are buying here based on the everyday chart, then we need to put the stop loss target below the previous lows just to be sure. I may do simply that now, so see the signals page for a Bitcoin signal quickly.