A Quick Review Of BTCLend A Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin Lending Network

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Don’t get caught in a jam

While I have never been a big believer in loans in my life, crypto currency technologies have greatly changed my view on that subject this year when a new upstart launched in San Pedro California on January 17th  2015.
BTCLend has a very solid platform with a familiar and simple to follow GUI that many crypto users may be familiar with if you have used BTCJam. After that, all the similarities drop off fast. BTCLend is banking on features that have already proven successful for others while at the same time developing potential features that many have asked for in the crypto currency lending space.


You Can Sign up Here Now and Create your BTCLend Wallet!


Signing up with BTCLend is straightforward, it is very much like opening a bank account and you will need to become verified at higher levels to gain a higher credit worthiness rating. After two months of operations BTCLend Currently has 71 open loan listings with a total of  ฿ 60.59855 in total funded loans to date.


While BTCLend has been successful at creating an alternative to BTCJam for the crypto world. They have also learned from BTCJam’s trials and tribulations in the crypto lending space. One of the largest differences you’ll notice is an emerging feature on BTCLend’s site… Collateral! Let’s also not forget one of the best referral programs out there  Create your BTCLend Wallet Now!



It would seem that in the future this company has bright ideas for miners and non-miners to capitalize on in the future. Having the ability to verify ones collateral for a loan whether it be from Interest earned from staking coins or even just Physical miners would be great; However, I don’t think they’ll stop their; cars, houses and valuables that can be escrow-ed and secured seem to be just around the corner for BTCLend Users.

If we look at the 1st screen shot we can see that the features “ Zencloud Collateral” and the feature “XPYstaker Collateral”. While it is known that the Zencloud portion has been pending. Below we now see the Director of sales account showing active tests on the collateral system.





BTCLend’s Founders Include John L. Tuberosi,  Lawrence Hughes. Carmelo Milan.

Each one of the founders can be found around various social media outlets and seem more than willing to answer questions ranging from what backend software is being used, how things are calculated and even regulation issues.

The support utilizes a zendesk ticketing system and you’ll have to sign in before creating a ticket in the support portal. As of yet I have seen very little to no reports of issues with support at BTCLend. They seem to have exceptional customer service reps that are knowledgeable about their own platform (This is such a big deal to me! I hate explaining to customer service more than I have too!)
All in all I Have had nothing but positive experiences with the BTCLend and highly encourage others to utilize their offerings