World Cup 2018 Blockchain TV Advert

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A blockchain TV advert, revealed throughout the 2018 World Cup in Russia, is helping to bring the innovation into the living space of millions of audiences in the UK and Europe. The advert for IoT blockchain business is transmitted at halftime for all matches shown on ITV and during the highlights on Eurosport.ITV is a significant TELEVISION network in the UK, and the broadcasts on Eurosport are in English and French. The football World Cup is a worldwide sporting phenomenon, equaled only by the summertime Olympic video games. England is the only house country that received the finals in Russia, however they have left to a flying start with wins over Tunisia and Panama. Captain Harry Kane is the early leader for the blockchain innovation the advert isn’t too clear, but it at least makes them mindful that things are changing.A single blockchain TV advert, even shown throughout the World Cup, will not bring crypto to the masses but slowly it will enter into their every day lives, much like cellphones and the internet.The post World Cup 2018 Blockchain TELEVISION Advert appeared first on Crypto Disrupt.