William Shatner’s bitcoin farm in a town near me.

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1 BTC=$6510.01 USD(via Coinbase) 1

ETH = $502.25 USD (through


) 1 LTC=$97.01 USD( via Coinbase)Quotes postponed up to 2 minutes.Kryptous Crypto Coins News-Rankings-Reviews With the news of Shatner wishing to open a bitcoin mining farm rental area in a town near me. They are desiring to construct a solar range on a huge part of the land that they will own to power the farms. I have a background in IT, I currently work in the IT field, and I know mining (little farm of 3 computers).

Whenever you hear about celebs backing Bitcoin and the blockchain, it’s never good. My question is, if they were to hire people to work there, would you offer up your stable 9-5 job to operate at a farm like that, if the pay was more?I’m all for the blockchain and trading, but would be operating at a farm be shooting yourself in the foot?Kryptous Crypto Coins News


-Reviews Ticker 1 BTC=$6510.01 USD(through Coinbase)

1 ETH = $502.25 USD (by means of Coinbase) 1 LTC = $97.01 USD (via Coinbase) Quotes delayed as much as 2 minutes.

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