Will a USB Hub w/Ethernet Port and 3x Additional USB Slots work on an extremely old motherboard?

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Will a USB Hub w/Ethernet Port and 3x Extra USB Slots work on an extremely old motherboard?

My uncle has asked me to sort out a really old computer that he has he wants to get it online so he can use some software on there to make basic designs for his job the software was on the computer when it was given to him, he doesn’t really want to get a new computer so I’m doing my best to work with what I’ve got here but I’ve never worked with such old hardware this motherboard is that old it doesn’t have a built in ethernet port nor does it have an ethernet card.

So I’m either going to have to get him a PCI ethernet card and put that in or the other option and this is my question will these USB 3.0 HUBs with extra ports and a built in ethernet slot work with a really old motherboard? because that would solve so many problems at once he needs more usb ports so a hub is perfect and it has an ethernet socket built into the hub.

Sorry I can’t answer much more about the PC as I don’t currently have it here with me but we are talking like seriously old hardware here, it is running windows XP. Really basic motherboard has the bare minimum in it no GPU, no Network card, I can’t see a sound card so I’m assuming thats built in. It does however have a card which I have never personally seen before i’m assuming thats how its been connected to the internet previously but its the old phone connections that go from your router to your dsl box connected to the phone line.

Any help would be greatly appreciated I’m going back around tomorrow.

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  1. If the board doesn’t have an ethernet port, it probably doesn’t have USB. If you don’t have physical possession, then you need to have him send you some high res pictures of the back of the PC with I/O shield. Also the motherboard. You will need to try to find a user’s manual for the motherboard.

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  2. It has USB Ports I’ve been around there this morning it has 2 USB ports.

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  3. It should work if the Windows XP drivers are available for it. Which is somewhat doubtful. Also I don’t know if it is USB 1 or 2. So Ethernet may be very slow if it works at all.

    I’d play it safe and use a PCI Ethernet card. I’d also say max out the RAM on it. You can likely max it out with used RAM off eBay for $5 to $10.

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