Top Management for International Blockchain Capital (IBC) Signs Up With Hada DBank Esteemed Board of Advisors and Strategic Partners

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Excellency Khurram Shroff and Mohammed Arif Ansari of International Blockchain Capital (IBC)have Signed Up With Hada DBank Esteemed Board of Advisors and Strategic Partners. 15 June 2018, Kuala-Lumpur– Digital Blockchain-based startup Hada DBank has actually finished up it’s ICO Stage one, and acquired its first business client– Uberstate, in the process. The team is presently busy finalizing all deals and additional developing the banks core system. In this latest move, leading management from International Blockchain Capital(IBC) participates in to be a part of Hada DBank remarkable line of consultants and tactical partners. His Excellency Khurram Shroff and Mohammed Arif Ansariboth are coming on board as Financiers Relations & Expansion Advisors.H.E Khurram Shroff is presently the chairman at IBC. He was awarded the banking and finance quality award and honored to be in the Top100 A Lot Of Powerful and Influential Muslims list in Great Britain and the World by Power100. He was likewise honored and appointed as the Civilian Sponsor for The Saudi Arabian Armed Forces, The United Arab Emirates(UAE)Military and Pakistan Armed Forces by the Canadian Army College, Department of Defence, the Federal Government of Canada. H.E Khurran Shroff is also presently the Chairman of Imperial Group, a noteworthy Property Group, based in Canada. He was a Handling Partner at a personal equity company, with investment in land banking worldwide with funding from Personal Family Offices.His Excellency Khurram Shroff voiced his excitement on the partnership, mentioning;”We are pleased to work together with HADA DBank as it uses a mix of Islamic banking practices with Blockchain innovation.

They are the very first digital bank to take this type of venture and their essential values like risk sharing

and transparent management is something that got us interested in the project. The reality that HADA DBank provides all the benefits of cryptocurrency banking however with principles that have been long-established in Islamic culture is extremely special and unusual.”Khurram continued;”With the capability to share obligation for capital changes and entirely transparent banking, the majority of individuals and companies will feel more at ease transacting with HADA DBank. We expect this platform to create inroads to brand-new markets while enhancing emerging technologies

. We are looking up to this strong

team who have shown their commitment to the achievement of their business goals in the near & long term.” Mohammed Arif Ansari, COO of International Blockchain Capital, is well-connected with family workplaces, Hedge funds, mastermind financier groups and institutional financiers. He boasts over 15 years of management experience in Preparation, Technique, IT & Operations with Tier 1 International MNCs, Fortune 500 & Big 4 Consulting companies like HCL, Nokia Siemens, KPMG &

Rio Tinto, heading their company units.Hisyam M, Chairman & Interim CEO was in a cheery mood when contacted had these words to state; “We are extremely ecstatic to have a prominent company such as IBC as a partner and 2 of its important members, H.E Khrurram Shroff and COO, Mr. Mohammed Arif Ansari, as Financier Relations & Growth Advisors to HADA DBank. Our company believe having them on-board will allow us to check out and

permeate the Middle & East area, which is among the priority markets we plan to introduce our banking items & services during the 1st stage. “Hisyam continued;”We also think their participation could supply extra confidence to current and possible financiers. Their involvement on our task is significant and we welcome IBC, H.E Khurram Shroff & Mr. Mohammed Arif Ansari in joining our list of prominent Partners and Advisors. We eagerly anticipate their guidance and assistance for HADA DBank.Hada DBank is thrilled with the two new additions to it’s growing group of Esteemed Board of

Advisors and Strategic Partners. The business are now focused on improving the platform before it looks to additional group development and its main token generation event.About Hada DBank Set to revolutionize the world of banking, Hada DBank figures out & to fuse blockchain innovation with Islamic Banking Module. Having acknowledged the challenges for clients in the existing banking state, blockchain technology will ensure security and openness, while Islamic Banking module will make sure ethical banking and investment. Hada DBank believes in benefiting and putting customers interests first, rather than profiting without limitation and ethics.’Caring & Personal’

are the two words that will be embedded in every element of Hada DBank’s business culture, product, and services. Hada DBank’s Pre-ICO is currently live, with an ongoing flash sale for the First one million tokens increasing for sale at 1ETH=3,000 HADACoin. the Hada DBank Whitepaper–!.?.!Chat with the Hada DBank group on Telegram–!.?.!Follow Hada DBank on Twitter–!.?.!Follow Hada DBank on Facebook– out Hada DBank on Instagram–!.?.!Visit the DE Property Management Limited Website here– DBank Hada DBank
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