The World’s First Blockchain Platform for Tokenized Self-Regulating Standard Financial Assets

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Jibrel Network concentrates on bridging the space in between the crypto-economy and conventional financial infrastructure, making it possible for investors and users to store, send, get and exchange possessions for nearly no fees.Jibrel Network, one of the earliest Blockchain-technology start-ups, has simply released their token sale that will stay available to financiers until 26 January 2018. The very first decentralized platform to tokenize conventional monetary possessions such as currencies, bonds, equities and commodities on the Ethereum blockchain, Jibrel Network leverages the expense performances connected with the digital properties ‘storage and deal. Launched earlier this year, they have actually already secured funding worth over USD 4.0 million from many international investors including TaaS Fund, Tech Squared, Aurora Partners, and Arabian Chain during the general public token presale in September 2017. Jibrel Network was established to deal with crypto-economy’s requirement for managed, safe and insured assets on

the blockchain. With this objective, Jibrel Network constructed a team of professionals specializing on the game-changing concept of asset-backed tokens and clever regulations. The entire structure of Jibrel Network revolves around asset-backed tokens referred to as Crypto Depository Invoices(CryDRs). Using these clever tokens, users will have the ability to perform remittances, global payments, trading, and crypto-hedging. In order to guarantee KYC and AML compliance of all token transfers on the Jibrel Network, CryDRs have also been regulation-embedded. Highlighting the importance of the token sale, Hamzeh Kolaghassi, Operations said:”The adherence to financial guidelines is the main essential chauffeur for sustained scalability, and Jibrel Network is taking all the essential steps to make sure that our compliance is to the highest of global financial standards. We aim to partner with existing monetary organizations, and more notably, financial regulators and we are confident that this technology will become an essential part of service environments throughout the world in the future.”Within its short lifespan, Jibrel Network has taken the role of an essential innovator in their domain by creating a monetary facilities that is anticipated to play a critical function in assisting the industry advance. The company’s first product jWallet was released previously this month. This enterprise-grade crypto wallet option is not only extremely trustworthy and easy to use, but it also focuses heavily on maximizing user security.The impressive program by Jibrel Network following its beginning has united several recognized figures from the financial and blockchain markets to support the advancement of the business as consultants. Especially significant among them is Don Tapscott, a worldwide leader in Blockchain and

the author of Blockchain Transformation. He was called the world’s most prominent leader in digital thinking, and the second-most influential living management thinker by Thinkers50. Other essential advisors consist of Abbas “Eddy”Zuaiter( Ex-COO of Soros Fund), Ruslan Gavrilyuk(Founder of TaaS), Dr. Moe Levin(CEO of Keynote), Saul Hudson (Ex-GM of Thomson Reuters), and Mohammed Al Sehli(Creator of Arabian Chain). Discussed listed below are a few of the bottom lines connected to the Jibrel Network token sale.Accepted currencies are ETH and BTC Accepted Fiat Currencies such as CHF, EUR, USD, GBP, DKK and SGD are also offered on Bitcoin Suisse Jibrel Network Token (JNT)to be used at USD 0.25 The minimum and maximum investment limitations are USD 50 and USD 850,000 respectively The hard cap for sale is USD

30,000,000 Token sale supply 120,000,000 JNT To take part in this token sale,