The Million Dollar Homepage Reborn as an Ethereum Smart Contract and DApp

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Remember the Million Dollar Homepage? It was an intriguing, if not novel idea. But it has actually because influenced numerous copycats and copy cats. And now we see that its tradition resides on in, of all places, the blockchain.Two software designers from Toronto named Andrey and Max have developed a brand-new variation of the Million Dollar Homepage, and they’re calling it the Thousand Ether Homepage. It has a million pixels up for sale to those who wish to set up ads, and the expense of each individual pixel is 0.001 ETH.So what’s the story behind this website? According to its developers, it’s an enjoyable little side project that they decided to undertake after numerous years of working on cryptocurrency-related stuff and finding out a lot at the same time. They are fast to point out that the website isn’t an ICO, nor is it a fraud of any sort. It’s just a clear and simple method of offering ads by the pixel in exchange for little bits of Ethereum till the entire thing gets offered out.If you’re questioning how long the site will be up, the creators have specified that”your ad will be on the Ethereum blockchain permanently.” As long as there is somebody mining Ethereum someplace and keeps it alive, your very own piece of the blockchain through the page will likewise stay active.When you purchase pixels on the Thousand Ethereum Homepage to put an ad, you will be offered choices to publish a number of URLs: one for your image and another for your outbound link. And the terrific thing about this is that obviously, you’ll be able to easily edit it without even needing to log in clearly. This is due to the fact that the DApp would understand who you are from the wallet combination as quickly as you buy an advertisement or any number of pixels.So far, there have been 79,400 pixels offered on the site, which relates to 79.4 ETH. That’s roughly$23,000 in incomes so far, which the developers say may be used to fund the development of future jobs and potentially also contributed to causes that they care about.In any case, this is clearly a fascinating new twist on the original concept to sell pixels on a page for business who wish to host display screen ads. If the website stays online like the one that influenced it has so far, then it appears like those who

do purchase pixels on it will undoubtedly own a piece of blockchain history. Not too shoddy at all considering exactly what it costs today.Image: CC-BY-SA-3.0/ Matt H. Wade