The Bitcoin Game # 55: Cryptograffiti|#VentureCanvas

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Welcome to episode 55 of ‚The Bitcoin Video game, I’m Rob Mitchell. In today’s episode, I’m delighted to provide an interview with one of the most well-known fine artists in the cryptocurrency space, Cryptograffiti. I’m a substantial fan of his work, and mored than happy to get to discover a bit more about him. Inspect out his art in the links below.SHOW HYPERLINKS Cryptograffiti’s Website!.?.!Twitter @Cryptograffiti!.?.!Instagram @Cryptograffiti!.?.!Nakamoto!.?.!Wired: The Fluctuate of Bitcoin!.?.!Casascius Coins!.?.!Silk Roadway!.?.!Art Show– Evidence of Art!.?.!Cryptograffiti’s work featured in the Wall Street

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