War Against Encryption: German Intelligence Agency Targets WhatsApp, Telegram

War Against Encryption: German Intelligence Agency Targets WhatsApp, Telegram

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The interception of private correspondence is always a touchy subject. On one hand there are questions of privacy and on the other hand state security. There are many people who are willing to trade privacy for security in an era which is dominated by terrorism, strife and other random senseless violence. However, whatever may be the cost, privacy is important and the ability to carry out your business and private life without the fear of eavesdropping by third parties is still a right that most people yearn for. In an effort to protect their customer’s privacy, many companies are increasingly turning to encryption. Telegram and WhatsApp both offer encryption to their combined 135 mln customers. While Telegram has used encryption longer than its rival, WhatsApp has since caught up. The idea that many people can now talk in private is perhaps somewhat of an understandable concern to the intelligence community. After all, it is their job to listen in. German BND obtains funds to crack WhatsApp The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) has developed a technology called the Reconnaissance of Non-Standardized Communication in Internet Project (ANISKI) as a means to try to get around encryption. Recently, Russia Today quoted Netzpolitik …

Governments Seize the Opportunity to Control Bitcoin

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With the recent announcement of the Blockchain Alliance “A Public-Private Forum to Help Combat Criminal Activity on the Blockchain” founded by Coin Center and the Chamber of Digital Commerce, CoinTelegraph highlights some recent events overlooked by the Bitcoin industry that immediately precipitated the announcement including an FBI “playbook” and European seizure survey. Ever since Let’s Talk Bitcoin broke the story in June 2013 that the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) seized 11.02 bitcoin from a bitcoin user, the internet has been aflutter what exactly it means to seize bitcoin and the extent of control that law enforcement has over everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency. At the time, Bitcoin superstar Andreas M. Antonopoulos stated that “There is no indication the Bitcoin protocol was compromised.  “Seizure” is probably a word used to imply that money was received in the process of a Silk Road sting operation, rather than actually bitcoin seized from the user’s wallet.” Andreas’ words still hold true today. At its core, literally Bitcoin core, it is not possible to seize bitcoin.  However, it is possible to seize bitcoin depending on how a Bitcoin user interacts with the cryptocurrency (including sending it to law enforcement unbeknownst to the user — as was likely …