Price Analysis, August 7: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic

Price Analysis, August 7: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic

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USDT\BTC Bitcoin price is forming the third wave of $1,838 mid-term uptrend. Currently, it is being decided whether we’ll see a big price hike or downwards correction to $2,800 The third wave can become the turning point. If there are new capital flows, BTC will move up. The key level responsible for the whole future of the uptrend is at $3,150. Providing no reversal down takes place during the pullback to the level, high chances the rise will remain. Otherwise, the price will have a reversal to the correction. USDT\ETH Ethereum price has similar structure forming. The demand levels show significantly lower numbers, compared to the first wave. This may trigger a pullback. The $246 point is breaking for the whole trend. If the price corrects to this channel without a reversal downwards, it will mean, there are still big purchases in place. In this case, ETH will go up. A reversal down at the $246 point will indicate major buyer closing positions. That way the price might have a pullback. USDT\XRP Ripple is in the midst of its $0.1542 uptrend correction. It is being traded at the most likely pullback bottom. Correction zone to the $0.1542 upward trend will …

AdShares – P2P market for programmatic ADS

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Adshares ICO model Adshares Token sale uses a novel approach with dynamic token price and elastic supply. We designed that scheme to alleviate common problems with existing ICOs. Main issues that we have targeted are incentives for developers and FOMO. To achieve our goals we use dynamic token pricing, continuous token buyback and withdrawals spread over time. Token prices depends on the amount of tokens in circulation Token prices depend on a number of tokens in circulation. We do not limit the number of tokens that can be issued, but the price of sold tokens depends on circulating supply. We sell tokens for a flat price until we reach a minimum financing. From then on, each next token costs more, so there is a natural cap on issuance. ICO contract will automatically buyback tokens to reduce the risk for token buyers and to give good incentives for the dev team. Price paid by the contract are calculated using the same formula (minus spread). Funds gathered in the contract cannot be withdrawn at once. Dev team can request maximum 1% of funds each week, so they have an incentive to work hard or risk that tokens will be sold to contract and team …

Why Ethereum May Grow Higher in Value Than Bitcoin

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In May 2017, investors and spectators alike saw Bitcoin price pass the value of $2,300. This figure marks the highest peak of Bitcoin’s value in its entire lifetime. Due to the success of Bitcoin over the years, many investors have been attracted to it and other cryptocurrencies as well. However, Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that has risen in value. Another leading cryptocurrency known as Ethereum has also ascended in value since January 2017. From its original value of $8.24, it has recently gone on to attain a figure of $203, which represents a rise of 2,367 percent. Investors worried It has been within the last few years that cryptocurrencies have gained much favor among investors who are looking for alternative means of investing other than the traditional investment mediums. While most investors still have their money invested in traditional financial markets, such as the stock market and the forex market, a lot of these investors have become worried about the economic climate of the world economy. With recent events pointing to its inherent instability, many investors have been looking to other means of investment where they can put their money. With the creation and popularization of cryptocurrency, as well as its sharp rise in value, many …

Insufficient Understanding of Cryptocurrencies Results in Their Volatility

Insufficient Understanding of Crypto Currencies Results in Their Volatility

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Bitcoin made the news in May when it passed the all-time high of $2,700 per unit, before swallowing a sharp correction and losing almost 30 percent of its value in 48 hours. Along the way, many other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple and Monero have followed Bitcoin in its correction. This scenario naturally leads us to think about the last quarter of 2013, when Bitcoin price jumped from $130 to over $1100. After this boom, we didn’t see a sharp correction, but a long and steady decline to the unit price of $200, followed by a long and steady increase period. Will the same steady decline happen in 2017? The main difference between 2013 and 2017 is that the ecosystem of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies is widely more developed. We went from theories and white papers to proof-of-concept, real world applications and significant investments. Nonetheless, little are those who truly understand the underlying technology powering this ecosystem. An insufficient understanding of the market Investors have been pouring capital into the market, betting that consumer demand will propel future growth. Cryptocurrencies are therefore subject to significant speculation backed by very little analysis, which makes this asset class particularly volatile. David Z. Morris, a contributor …

Zooko Wilcox Admits Snowden is Right That Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash Can Help Evade Taxes

Zooko Wilcox Admits Snowden is Right That Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash Can Help Evade Taxes

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There has been growing controversy over new cryptocurrency Zcash, since a tweet by Edward Snowden suggested that it will encourage tax protests. Snowden’s tweet was attached to a post by The New York Times, where Zcash was described as a “harder-to-trace virtual currency.” Snowden wrote in regard to the article: “Coincidentally, new technologies raise the possibility of unstoppable tax protests.” Selective disclosure Created by computer scientists at Johns Hopkins University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Zcash has been claimed to have secured $3 mln in backing from Silicon Valley venture capitalists, and its developers claim to have used advanced cryptography to create the virtual currency. Rather than coming forward as a privacy purposed entity with ulterior intentions, as has been interpreted from Snowden’s comment, the CEO of Zcash, Zooko Wilcox, describes the functionality of the cryptocurrency as “selective disclosure.” Wilcox says that this characteristic of Zcash makes it possible for businesses to conceal their private transaction details from competitors, thieves and foreign enemies, while simultaneously disclosing that information to their country’s tax authority. What Snowden really means However, Wilcox explains that he understands Snowden’s line of thought as it applies to other cryptocurrencies. “I can also see where Edward Snowden is …

Bitcoin Can Reach $10,000 or Even $1 mln, Chandler Guo Explains How

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One of the largest Bitcoin miners in China has suggested that the price of Bitcoin could reach $10,000 or even as high as $1 mln. Speaking to at the Clare Hall of the University of Cambridge, on the sideline of the Internet-of-Value: Digitising Social Conscience – roundtable debate, Chandler Guo emphasised that all an individual needs to do is invest in just one Bitcoin – as most people don’t invest in it and yet they want to know more about proof of work, how the Blockchain works, why do blocks require 10 minutes, etc. Guo says in the Youtube video: “But finally, I tell them, just go back and buy Bitcoin. A lot of people don’t have Bitcoin…Not too much. Only one is enough. If everyone would have just one, the Bitcoin value would go to $1 mln. When Bitcoin becomes $1 mln, the whole world would be crazy and everyone would love to follow and all the other digital currencies would just be the grandson of Bitcoin.” Everyone just needs to buy one Bitcoin The angel investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum startups believes that a lot of people don’t exactly understand why they should be involved with Bitcoin, …