CEX.IO Opens Bitcoin Exchange to US Market

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Bitcoin exchange CEX.IO has expanded its operations to the US enabling customers in 23 states to deposit and withdraw fiat currency. Citing Coinbase as its main competitor stateside, Helga Danova, chief editor at CEX.IO said that she was confident that they could become a “great alternative for US citizens and broaden the possibilities of buying bitcoin and trading other cryptocurrencies”. The US launch comes amid a continued pivot away from mining services. The company halted its cloud mining operations in January citing bitcoin’s declining price as a motivating factor. Danova noted that the mining cease was a temporary measure, as the company looked to focus on developing its exchange. “We’ve been developing in this direction for a long time”, she said, adding: “CEX.IO has always been a bitcoin exchange. Even though our key advantage was cloud mining, we have offered trading of the cloud mining power for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.” In order to access the exchange, consumers in the approved US states and jurisdictions will have to adhere to CEX.IO compliance procedures, based on know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) standards. To register, traders must provide a form of identification, such as a national ID card or passport.   Sign Up Today …

Whale Club: The Trading Room That Loves Bitcoin Price Declines

Whale Club: The Trading Room That Loves Bitcoin Price Declines

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“How much is he dumping?” The phrase comes to surface amid a collection of voices, most discussing the unknown trader. The room focuses on his (or her) observable market influence, dissecting how and why he closed all his short positions for signs of strategy. “He was defending that position,” one of the voices says with authority. “That price should have gone up on the ratio, it didn’t. I think it was him dumping.” Whether he’s Clowncontrol, Gregcron or Barry White, or one of a host of other usernames thabt dot the screen, is unclear. Salacious talk aside, it’s a boring day in the Whale Club trading room. Bitcoin is trading at $250, up from $230 days before. The rise has been the first jolt in an otherwise “choppy” cycle for theprice of bitcoin, weeks of ups and downs with no clear trading patterns to yield profits. “It’s been out since Monday,” one of the traders interjects amidst sudden silence, clearly bored by bitcoin’s stability. Debate ensues over the hit Netflix series House of Cards. For a moment, it could be any Wall Street break room. “Look at this one-minute candle, holy [expletive]!” exclaims another voice. Just as quickly, Whale Club is …