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QuadrigaCX to Install Bitcoin ATMs All Over Canada

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QuadrigaCX, the leading bitcoin exchange in Canada, is planning to install a large amount of SumoPro two-way bitcoin ATMs, manufactured byBitXatm in major cities across the country. In 2014, the largest Canadian bitcoin exchange back then (CAVIRTEX) attempted this feat by using ATMs manufactured by BitAccess, installing them in locations with a high amount of traffic by cooperating with Gateway Newstands, a franchise store. One notable location where one of these ATMs could be found is the famous tourist attraction, Niagara Falls. However, it was quickly removed in less than a month, and a similar fate faced the other ATMs installed in places like Toronto and Ottawa, which led to the company’s eventual bankruptcy. Even though the locations gave these ATMs a large visibility, their failure has been attributed to the fact that they were inadequately staffed and prone to malfunction, with little to no customer and technical support. A year later, QuadrigaCX, a company that has since taken over CAVIRTEX’s spot of largest Canadian bitcoin exchange, takes on this challenge and explains that their plan will be different, and that its fate will also be different. “We are excited to finally be bringing some functional and beautiful two-way bitcoin ATM machines to Canada,” …

Spare Change-to-Bitcoin Service Lawnmower Aims for Main Street Investor Appeal

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“There’s a metaphor to it,” CEO Pieter Gorsira explains, addressing his startup Lawnmower, and its, by bitcoin industry standards, unconventional name. If the name Lawnmower at first keeps users at a distance, however, the explanation does much to illuminate the novel concept the Boost VC startup is hoping will help it become a low-risk bitcoin investment solution. “Working backwards, it’s like we’re running the lawnmower over the grass and we’re clipping off a little bit of change. So, as you go along, we slice all these little blades of grass and collect change from these transactions,” Gorsira continued. Put more directly, Lawnmower uses an API developed by Spark Capital-backed Plaid to connect to users’ online banking accounts at Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank and US Bank. From there, Lawnmower watches its users’ accounts for transactions, rounding up the purchase of say a $3.50 latte to $4 and saving that 50 cents for later. Once users have accumulated at least $4 in total savings through small debit or credit purchases, Lawnmower purchases bitcoin on behalf of the user. The effect, according to Gorsira, is a solution to bitcoin’s volatility that also allows investors a chance to get exposed to its potential …