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Is the End Nigh? The Bell is Tolling for Banks!!

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The Internet age has forced old school businesses to come online, and banks are no exception to this rule. Today you may be able to check your balance, transfer money or even pay for goods and services on your laptop, your mobile or even your fancy new smart watch but let’s be honest, banks still do not extend their full services through online channels. As an example, lending, which is a core banking activity, is usually never delivered through the Internet and this means that you invariably have to drag yourself to a bank branch just like you would have done in the 19th century and complete some good old fashioned paperwork to get a loan approved. Banks are the same but things are changing Accenture recently published a report titled “2016 Accenture Technology Vision for Banking.” In the report, they carried out a poll on bankers who surprisingly seem to be critically aware that the world around them is not the same. The report states: “Eighty-five percent of bankers agree that bank industry boundaries are being erased and new paradigms are emerging with every industry being significantly impacted.” Today we are increasingly using a variety of non-banking companies and …

Bitcoin Can Rise to $2000 in January 2017

Bitcoin Can Rise to $2000 in January 2017

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A Saxo Bank ‘Outrageous Prediction For 2017’ says that the spending binge of a Donald Trumppresidency could create ideal conditions for the price of Bitcoin to test $2,000 by next year, as the possibility of the US dollar skyrocketing could force emerging markets to seek alternatives. It projects that the Trump regime’s fiscal spending binge may increase the circa $20 trillion of US national debt and potentially triple the current US budget deficit from approximately $600 bln to $1.2-1.8 trillion or some 6-10 percent of the US’s current $18.6 trillion economy. This may cause inflation to skyrocket, forcing the federal reserve to accelerate its hikes and the USD dollar to soar, creating a domino effect in emerging markets and forcing people worldwide to look towards alternative forms of currencies and payment systems not tied to central banks. The report adds: “If the banking system, as well as sovereigns such as Russia and China, move to accept Bitcoin as a partial alternative to the USD and the traditional banking and payment system, then we could see Bitcoin easily triple over the next year going from the current $700 level to +$2,100 as the Blockchain’s decentralized system, an inability to dilute the finite …

Five Legitimate Reasons to Use Anonymous Bitcoin Now!

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‘Shady economics’ has become a buzzword associated to bitcoin” Newbies, read through a pile of content about covert actions people use bitcoin for: illegal trade and firearms and tax evasion. Presented in a such a way, bitcoin tends to be something highly suspicious for the most of the people, so they decide to stay away from it. The good news is bitcoin’s ‘criminal nature’ is a myth. In this article you will find five legitimate reasons why you should forget about shady economics and mason lizards from the illuminati government to show the great potential of bitcoin for personal use. Bitcoin Bona Fide Bitcoin is a digital currency based on the blockchain technology. It has no central management, doesn’t directly depend on any government regulation and uses advanced cryptography to provide trust between two or more anonymous users. ‘Coins’ are stored in the global blockchain network, instead of the traditional local depository of the bank. Transaction data is automatically divided by blocks and mixed with other global transactions, making it a die-hard for all kinds of faking or information scamming. Looks a bit scary, huh? Luckily, anonymity and participating in criminal activities are optional. In simple words, if you don’t …

Blockchain Proven to be Faster Than Wire Transfers in Banking Payment Test

Blockchain Proven to be Faster Than Wire Transfers in Banking Payment Test

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Bitcoin and its revolutionary Blockchain technology have many advantages over the status quo. This ranges from better security, lower costs and superior inclusion. Another advantage is the speed of transactions, as the legacy banking system has been using the wire transfer method for generations. Now, results from a test run by a group of banking interests in Japan have revealed that Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology is more than ready to drag the current monetary transfer system into the 21st century. According to the Asian Nikkei Review, the unnamed “megabanks,” the Deloitte Tohmatsu accounting group and the Bitcoin exchange bitFlyer have been running Blockchain tests for a considerable part of 2016, with the final tests concluding in September. The goal was to see if Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology could hold up to the rigors and speed requirements of the current currency transfer systems. You could say that these tests were successful. “Blockchain’s low processing speed was seen as a major drawback of the technology,” said the Asian Nikkei Times. “But researchers were able to conduct 1,500 transactions per second using Blockchain, on par with the nearly 1,400 transactions the current interbank wire system is capable of handling at peak times.” The banks again were …

Top US Banks That Experiment With Blockchain To Release Money Transfer App in 2017

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Zelle, a money transfer app that is built on a bank-owned payments network to compete with PayPal, Venmo and Square Cash, will be released next year. The app’s network connects 19 U.S. financial firms including the country’s biggest banks such as JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp., Wells Fargo & Co., and Citi. It will enable users to send money via their phones to recipients who will gain access to the funds immediately. Cyber attacks The announcement comes few days after cyber attacks, which occurred on the Internet through common devices like webcams and digital recorders, disrupted PayPal, Twitter, Spotify, some businesses hosted by Amazon Inc and other sites. They are all customers of an infrastructure company in New Hampshire called Dyn, which acts as a switchboard for internet traffic. PayPal said it experienced some service disruptions due to the cyber attack which prevented some of its customers from being able to pay with PayPal in certain regions, though PayPal was not attacked directly. Early Warning The new Zelle person-to-person payment service is expected to rival Venmo, a payments app run by PayPal Holdings Inc. which has become popular with young adults making payments to one another for shared …

Joe Rogan to Andreas Antonopoulos: I’m All In, I’m on Team Bitcoin

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In episode 844 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast featuring security expert and author of Mastering Bitcoin, Andreas Antonopoulos, stand-up comedian and sports commentator Joe Rogan expressed his optimistic views towards Bitcoin, stating “I’m all in, I’m on team Bitcoin.” Rogan’s final remarks at the very end of the show were amassed throughout the podcast, during which Antonopoulos examined and evaluated the vulnerabilities and inefficiency of today’s financial systems in great detail. In particular, he referred to the outdated services and products of banks which grant several financial institutions a complete monopoly over a country’s monetary system and economy. Control of banks: bloated economy The focus of the talk was established primarily on the control of banks over a country’s monetary systems and how that is abused to create a bloated economy. When an economy is struggling from dealing with financial instability or poor performance from major stock markets, the solution which is often presented by the central bank is to print more money. For instance, the Federal Reserve Bank would print trillions of dollars to be sprinkled on top of a troubling economy which is essentially distributed to the country’s banks and government agencies. One major misconception behind this …