Real Land Authoritatively Reports Its December ICO, IPO For A Tokenized, Real Estate Unit-Based IPO “RLD”.

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THAILAND, December 2, 2017 — Genuine Land, the company behind the Genuine Land( RLD )Token, which is a” special Blockchain-secured digital asset with fundamental value as a protected cryptocurrency, which any user can use to participate in Realty Units on( the company’s)platform, along with in other crypto exchanges “, is delighted to reveal its current arrangements with some of the finest Real Estate investment groups in Asia. The aforementioned contracts refer to Token Investments in Real Estate Units.What makes the Real Land ICO or IPO stand apart is that Real Land is providing

an offer-price guarantee to all RLD financiers, indicating that even if the worth of the RLD Token dips to zero, Real Land will offer payment, providing investors the amount of RLD’s original, $1 Worth back to each and each of them.The RLD IPO or ICO Units can be contributed through Ethereum( ETH ), Bitcoin (BTC) and through numerous other options.Real Land Co-Founder, Ms. Ana, clarifies that”The motivation behind the RLD IPO was to develop a safe method to take benefit of the

crypto-revolution, as well as Real Estate tangibility and growth, which was truly missing from the crypto market. What’s more, the RLD IPO intends to offer the chance to small, worldwide investors to take part in the International Property Market, and advantage from a better yield on their investments. Simply puts, we have produced and opened a gate of global Genuine Estate Units, available by all prospective investors, that is complimentary by the restraints imposed by geographical borders and government guidelines. In Addition, Real Land’s objective is to provide a solid IPO platform, where every Property Unit can be tradeable. With the RLD Token, every Token holder can convert her RLD Tokens into any of the Property Units we have actually contracted, at any given time. Therefore, if any investor wants to reside in a beach home in Pattaya, all she needs to do is send us the quantity of RLD Tokens that is equivalent to the value of her Unit of option, and acquire the unit’s ownership. Nonetheless, even if financiers don’t wish to transform RLD Tokens into Real Estate Units, they can still benefit from a 15 %yield, every year, through an ETH benefit. “Genuine Land IPO Specifications 80 %of Genuine Land IPO or ICO properties will be made use of for the purchase of Property Units in different locations throughout Asia, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, and India, to name a few. 10%

of the abovementioned possessions will

be made use of for the development of an IPO platform, which will host future IPO’s. An additional 5 %will be used for marketing expenditures, and 5 %will be managed by the Real Land group, for other expenditures that may be sustained in the process.Ms. Alexandra, Real Land Co-Founder, mentioned that” RLD is different from other comparable ICOs, which are known to use resource-sponsored Tokens, with no sort of value protection. The RLD strategy will secure financiers’funds, and offer them with a 100%warranty of offer worth, as well as a 15%return on their investments– which lacks taking into consideration the profit, and growth, of the Token market, which are added advantages that every RLD holder will get to delight in.”RLD IPO or ICO Arrange (December 5, 2017 to January 5, 2018)Token Name: RLD Overall Tokens: 70,000,000 Real Estate Investments– 80% IPO platform– 10%Group– 5%Marketing– 5%Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, NEO, etc. Accepted Citizenships: Every Citizenship. Exchanges:

We prepare to be noted among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Rate

: 1 RLD=0.1 ETH Benefit and Capping: Week Bonus offer Capping 1 st 25%
1 Million 2 nd 22%
2 Million 3 rd 20% 2.5 Million 4 th 17
%3 Million 5 th 15%3.5 Million 6 th 10 %5 Million 7 th 7 %7 Million 8 th 5%
12 Million 9 th 2%20 Million ABOUT The RLD Token Genuine Land is a cumulative effort of a group of numerous Property companies to connect every
citizen of the world with all

kind of successful Real

Estate Units across the world. Real Land has simply Tokenized all its Real Estate Units, to develop smaller sized Systems, that make part of all its sub-projects, assisting anyone interested
benefit from protected Property financial investments, with continual growth. At Real Land, we bring out extensive research, prior to choosing the Systems that we consist of in the Tokenization procedure, making sure that the worth of
each specific investment will grow faster than any other prospective investment of the same kind. In addition, through supplying an
offer-value guarantee, we protect financiers’hard-earned loan against Token-price variations. RLDalso provides its Unit holders a terrific chance to purchase or convert any Units from RLD into a genuine home , vacation home, shop, and any other among the available Real Estate Units.Growth Possible The RLD is the

base currency of Genuine Land’s IPO platforms. After launching the RLD Token in our proprietary platform, we expect that its trading volume will amount to billions of EUR, on a monthly basis. It is expected that the token’s need will grow with each new user wishing to buy among the readily available Real Estate Units. As a growing variety of users will join, and purchase, Real Estate Units utilizing the RLD Token, Real Land will continue purchasing RLD Tokens, at the current exchanges given at any single moment, to sell Realty Units to its brand-new clients. Alternatively, users will have the ability to buy RLD Tokens straight from Genuine Land, at current exchanges provided at any single point in time, in order to purchase, or Transform RLD to a house or rental property– a relocation which will lead to the RLD Token’s price development. The RLD Token supply is restricted, while its demand is yet to be developed, considering that there are billions of possible RLD Token users, and hence billions of prospective RLD purchasers, from all around the world.To discover more about Real Land, please check out: Media Contact: [email protected]!.?.!The post Real Land Authoritatively Reports Its December ICO, IPO For A Tokenized, Real Estate Unit-Based IPO”RLD”appeared first on NEWSBTC.