Are you guilty of the following password mistakes?

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This is a great time to be really honest with yourself! Because if you’re not worried about your security between you, all the hard work that you’ve put in to get to where you are today, then don’t be surprised or say you weren’t informed when someday you login to find you’ve been compromised. So do………..? You use the same password on all websites you are registered with. Your password is too short. Let’s take each case and from a hackers point see what he or she can do with current technology. 1. You use the same password on all websites you have registered with. This means if one site you use is breached i.e. your password is leaked the attacker can access every site you own Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Paypal and everything else. Secondly, a dishonest or incompetent website owner might store your password in plain text. Then if you register with that site the owner can take your password and email and try different websites to see if you have an account there. 2. Your password is too short. With current technology and say your password is something like “dinky1”, a computer programm can try all combinations of …


admin Bitcoin, Bitcoin Services, Deals, Micro Payments, Reviews 0 Comments, a cloud-based content distribution platform operated by Singapore-based Meridian Pte. Ltd., has provided a bitcoin wallet to its users. Users can now buy vouchers for gift cards, mobile recharge or games (such as XBOX and Play Station) with bitcoins. Ziddu provides free cloud storage, content distribution and micro payment services. It offers free cloud storage for documents, photos, videos, audios and more. The site serves more than 100 million unique users per and generates 5 billion impressions month across 225 countries. How users can earn points Users can earn points by downloading the Ziddu desktop app, playing Ziddu games and referring other users to Ziddu content. Users can buy vouchers from e-commerce websites using their Ziddu wallet. There is a nominal charge for every transaction. By uploading content to Ziddu, users earn money when other users download the content. When a referral earns a minimum of 2,000 points, the user who shared the content earns 500 points. When an account accumulates 2,000 points, the user can redeem these points in bitcoin for vouchers. Ziddu pays the first week of the month. Users can also earn money by sharing Ziddu’s news link via email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs or forums. Meenavalli Venkat, …


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The Internet has, since its inception, been a boon for firms which offer digital services like web and graphic design, but often in the midst of a larger goal, producers only need some small part of a project completed by those with expert hands. Hiring out such work to large firms can be costly, and once you’ve committed that part of your budget, you can’t try again with someone else without going over budget. In 2010, Fiverr launched with a simple strategy: pay only $5 for what people would be willing to do for $5. It turned out that college students, people with other streams of income, and those in less expensive economies would be willing to do a lot for $5. Personally, I was able to start a transcription business with clients I garnered through Fiverr, long before their system perfected the art of disallowing outside contact. Between the end of 2010 and the end of 2011, I made a fair amount of money, largely with referrals from the original clients I sneaked away from Fiverr. Why did I want to sneak them away from Fiverr? Well, the 20% Fiverr tax, of course! In more recent times, I’ve been …

A Very Generous Happy BTC Birthday Gift To Me From 7BitCasino

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Well, as I’m typing up this post @ 11:57 PM just on the tail-end of Mother’s day & only a few minutes from my 37th Birthday… I receive an email from this semi-new emerging Bitcoin Casino called “7bit“! And, in my opinion 7Bit, will be the casino you’ll  sending your daily deposits too. That is if you’re like me and looking for some good fun, excitement & some  instant gratification, as well as tad bit of adrenaline from the risk & reward factor! Word will travel fast, it always does, especially when a company conducts business they way do! They have by far the best player support in the industry, and they go way beyond the call of duty of what the majority of players are used to receiving! That’s all I’m going to say I’ll let the little image I put together below speak for itself !!   If you like what you see below, and would like to get in on some of the action you can register here in 30 seconds Click Link Below To Register  (7BitCasino)    

GetDotBit Has Registered Over 700 Decentralized .Bit Domain Names, and Counting

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Daniel Ternyak, CEO and founder of the “no nonsense” .bit domain name registrar GetDotBit, launched his project on April 23. Since then, he has offered no-cost registrations to his customers for their first domain name. Over 700 .bit domains have been registered so far, and he says an end date for the free registrations is “not yet” planned. He continues: “Anyone even remotely interested in Namecoin should go grab [a .bit domain].” CoinTelegraph spoke with Ternyak to find out about the benefits, besides little to no financial cost for the registration, of owning a .bit website. CoinTelegraph: How would you describe GetDotBit to someone who might not know about .bit domains? Daniel Ternyak: GetDotBit allows for easy purchase of .bit domain names. The extension .bit is similar to .com, except it runs on a blockchain network. It’s the Bitcoin of DNS [domain name system]. CT: How many people have actually created a .bit website after registering a domain name? DT: Most people haven’t. .bit is tricky to set up. There are less than 30 actual websites built on the .bit TLD [top-level domain]. We’ve got 707 domains registered, and 698 users. There’s no way to know how many websites are …