MoxyOne — Tokens With Real World Value

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MoxyOne — Tokens With Real World Value

What is MoxyOne?

As the cryptocurrency economy continues to grow from strength to strength, there is a growing need for a system that allows these tokens to be utilised. Without spending, there is no economy and there is no growth for these new companies in the long run. This is the reason that MoxyOne was envisioned. A simple, easy to use financial infrastructure that can be white labelled by any company, ICO or project that issues cryptocurrency tokens.

Every cryptocurrency token that uses the MoxyOne infrastructure can be spent in the real world. By using the company issued debit card, virtual card or wallet, token holders will be able to make use of their tokens for everyday purchases. Buying a cup of coffee with cryptocurrencies will now be as easy as paying with your bank card.

MoxyOne also offers its own token holders (SPEND) a smart wallet system, virtual card and debit card. With added benefits such as rewards and negligible fees, users will be able to earn while spending! Not just that, alongside making purchases with SPEND tokens, users will be able to choose between a wide array of tokens that they possess. In time, MoxyOne will integrate all major cryptocurrencies and ERC 20/23 issued tokens for accessibility and inclusivity across the board.

What are we contributing to the cryptocurrency economy?

As banks and physical cash are quickly becoming obsolete, there is growing demand for a simple solution that allows people throughout the world to make purchases without incurring sky high fees. Approximately 30% of the entire population of the world is unbanked. This could be due to a multitude of reasons some of which are accessibility, high cost of fees or lack of trust in traditional institutions. This means that they are at risk of losing all their hard earned money in the case of theft or at the event of an unforeseen disaster. Cryptocurrencies ensure that money is stored safely and can be accessed through various means such as via paper, hardware or electronic wallet. Given the many ways to secure one’s finances makes cryptocurrencies extremely reliable and valuable.

MoxyOne has a strong vision to make this hopeful future a reality by providing the world with a secure and seamless financial infrastructure. Employing the use of new and advanced security technologies and blockchain solutions [such as Raiden and COMIT Networks], MoxyOne will provide every involved party or individual with exceptional service, trust and reliable solutions to future roadblocks.

The current circulation of cryptocurrency tokens is extremely dismal. As new companies [ICOs] are emerging and changing the way technology works, there exists no reliable payment infrastructure that allows users to purchase their assets or spend their tokens out in the real world. This hinders progress and increases the amount of under utilised cryptocurrencies that become valueless assets for its holders. By using MoxyOne, this problem has a very effective solution, one that can easily be implemented by companies and projects to add real value to their tokens.

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