Hi! Welcome to my Blockchain blog (blogck?).

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I’m a 21 year old American lady living in Switzerland. Lately, I have actually been consumed with Blockchain, and the numerous ways it might make my life better.Because I have a Wells Fargo account and am living abroad in Switzerland, I am paying fees up-the-ass: worldwide deal fees, ATM cash withdrawal charges not to mention the undesirable currency exchange rate (the $ is tanking).

This isn’t my first struggle with the expenses of global banking.I worked for a Geneva -based hedge fund last year, and to obtain paid, I needed to open a Swiss savings account. 2 months, and 5 banks later on, I was successful. It took 2 MONTHS … 5 BANKS( thank you UBS). I went through this trouble all since of American banking regulations, which I have no control over! Because I’m not a rich person, I’m not eligible to look for those expensive, fee-less credit card.In essence, I am pissed.

I am pissed since I’m experiencing the inefficiencies of the international banking system. And it’s costing me loan! And I need that loan! Enter: cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology-

If I had a nice reserve of crypto- many of my problems would disappear! Unfavorable currency exchange rate? Who cares! Costs from my American Bank? Pshhh.With crypto

, a simpler method of paying emerges. And who do we need to thank for that? Blockchain (and perhaps Satoshi Nakamoto)! I believe in a world of simpleness and efficiency. Where basic, financial transactions allow individuals all over the world to travel to far locations (trouble free!) and fall for foreign cultures.I believe in

a world where creativity streams, thanks to ingenious payment systems- which, rather of impeding a deal in between buyer and seller, help with it.La entrada Hi! Welcome to my Blockchain blog site (blogck?) se publicó primero en ELEVENEWS.