Heardbeats, a New Startup Introducing the Future of Live Concerts, Announces its ICO

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Virtual Reality and live shows are being fused together as Heardbeats seeks to interrupt the music market. They aim to raise funds through an ICO that starts on November 3rd, and will sell 88 million tokens at a fixed cost of $0.45 per token. The Heardbeats group prepares to open a workplace in Silicon Valley by the start of February 2018, allowing them to grow worldwide’s leading start-up ecosystem.Now many of you are probably questioning what precisely Heardbeats is. They describe themselves as a “task that breaks down the barriers of the live show industry. “Basically, there are a lot of fans who wish to see popular shows and too few seats. To solve this, they will enable viewers to go to a concert, using multiple gadgets, consisting of VR headsets. With the added benefits of a more budget-friendly and convenient experience, diehard fans will never need to miss out on a performance. The Heardbeats team has developed and tested models in The United States and Canada and Europe for over a year and remains in the procedure of developing their own VR headset, without wires and supporting devices.Though booming, the live performance market fails to reach lots of possible consumers.

10 million fans tried to buy tickets for Adele’s 2016 U.S. trip when only 100,000 tickets were offered. The show market today is unable to resolve this issue of excess need and fails to satisfy countless music fans all over the world. Heardbeats will address the glaring issue of restricted supply and take advantage of 2 main types of consumers. The first type of consumer is someone who wishes to participate in performances however is unable to pay for costly tickets. With Heardbeats, these fans will have the ability to go to a show essentially by acquiring tickets that are more inexpensive than traditional concert tickets. The second kind of customer is someone who is unable to go to a performance since of its area. Fans from Seattle might believe it impossible to attend a concert in Russia, but with the sophisticated technology provided by Heardbeats, they can!Heardbeats promises lots of distinct features to consumers and investors. Firstly, they will have numerous cameras placed throughout a place to capture the occasion from every angle. This will permit users to have the finest seat in the place through a 360-degree view in VR! Heardbeats will likewise provide fans the opportunity to experience an artist’s tour in its totality from their homes at a reduced rate. In addition, by skipping the long security lines and traffic, users will be able to concentrate on the most vital part of the performance: the music! Fans will also have the opportunity of accessing exclusive content from artists readily available just to Heardbeats users.The future is here and Heardbeats wishes to bring the live music market together with it. They look for to raise $30,000,000 so they can truly position themselves together with the biggest names in the market.

This vibrant endeavor has a brilliant future and is sure to succeed.If you have an interest in their ICO, or wish to learn more, you can make use of the following resources: Website: https://heardbeats.com!.?.!Telegram Group: https://t.me/heardbeats_group!.?.!Facebook:

https://www.facebook.com/heardbeats!.?.!Twitter: https://twitter.com/heardbeatsteam!.?.!Disclaimer: The viewpoints revealed in this short article do not represent the viewsfor the precision of any of the details
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