Gold Mining Company’s Shares Dive 1,300% After Change to Bitcoin

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With the rapid development in bitcoin’s rate this year and ‘blockchain technology’ becoming the most popular buzzword in the company world it is not surprising that financiers are banking on whatever crypto-related. The allure of capitalizing on this attraction is so strong, now even regular mining operators are leaping in– as well as being successful in rebranding themselves as bitcoin companies.

Natural Deposit Holdings is an obscure business whose investments up until now consist primarily of land and mineral possessions of gold, silver, zinc, and lead deposits.The company’s

shares, which are openly that it is in settlements with FOUNDATION Hosting Solutions, operating under the industrial brand Bitfarms, to purchase 75%of its shares in exchange for 75% its own stocks. In reaction to the report, investors have poured in, making the relatively small business the tenth most traded on the TASE by volume. The Canadian company is stated to have 4 server farms in the province of Quebec, providing services for mining bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash and litecoin. It is also said to have two more server farms under construction that will come online early next year. The business supposedly brings in over$8.3 million a month, at an operational expense of simply 12 %. Inning accordance with its own website, FOUNDATION began running in 2016 with a primary focus to offer costeffective mining hardware hosting options for cryptocurrency hobbyists and professionals. Boasting an’eco-friendly ‘operation, the company says its power is generated from an hydro-electrical plant situated near the facility and that it gains from being in a Tundra Climate where cooling is not an issue 10 months a year.Should financiers buy shares in a bitcoin mining company or merely mine on their own? Inform us exactly what you think in the comments area below.Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.Do you want to research and read about Bitcoin technology? Have a look at’s Wiki page for a thorough

take a look at Bitcoin’s innovative innovation and intriguing history.Gold Mining Company’s Shares Dive 1,300%After Change to Bitcoin