Glitzkoin Diamond Blockchain And Crypto Currency, Beyond The Ordinary

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There was a time not so long ago when, the terms blockchain, cryptocurrency and BITCOIN– were utilized synonymously. Life was much simpler then, you never truly needed to stress over tracking a whole battalion of digital currencies.Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Things have actuallyaltered now and it is a virtual jungle out there

. Hundreds of blockchain tasks, lots of cryptocurrencies– each assuring to be much better than the rest. In this situation GLITZKOIN comes on like a breath of fresh air. The task is tailored to improve effectiveness and market reach in the 90 billion dollar diamond market. This happens to be the only diamond blockchain to be headed by a diamond expert.

Originating from a household that has been expertly included with the glittering market for the past 50 years, CEO Navneet Goenka is a second generation diamond veteran. Utilizing his proficiency in every element of the multibillion dollar industry, the CEO has clearly determined the

practical areas in the industry that have to be overhauled. Extended conversations with close associates in the Stanford University exposed that, blockchain had the ability to resolve some of the major inadequacies in the diamond industry. The GLITZKOIN project will consist of the execution of a blockchain based diamond trading platform. Certified diamonds from across the world can be noted on the blockchain. The big virtual journal of genuine and qualified diamonds, can be accessed by buyers from any point of the world. The important thing is that, buyers can straight get in touch with diamonds noted by sellers without, having to travel through middlemen and brokers. You might be amazed to know that, conventional trade in diamonds is literally controlled by brokers. This situation causes price inflation, purchasers wind up paying more getting no added worth in return. The crypto currency that is an essential part of the project plan is not there, merely to interest crypto world lovers. It serves a much wider function and

helps relieve, one of the significant obstacles dealt with by the diamond industry. The banking mechanism is known to impose, troublesome procedures and considerable processing costs when it concerns huge dollar transactions. And diamonds being one of the most extremely prized developments of nature, are extravagantly priced. By utilizing the GLITZKOIN crypto currency to settle transactions conducted on the blockchain trading platform, the role of the banking system is drastically reduced. The physical location of purchasers and sellers ends up being unimportant therefore does the problem of, multiple currencies and currency conversion.While all the fantastic things that the GLITZKOIN blockchain can do for the diamond industry are well comprehended, one concern remains unanswered. How would financiers gain from the task. CEO Navneet Goenka knows that crypto world participants, would be trying to find an appreciation in token rate. This would be possible just when the demand for the GLITZKOIN token is high. He is confident that, substantial demand would be generated for the token even with, extremely conservative price quotes. He targets a very modest 5 %of the 90

billion dollar diamond trade. This would create an enormous demand for GLITZKOIN tokens worth around, 4.5 billion dollars. He strongly thinks that the diamond neighborhood, would choose to hold their tokens to money transactions. It would be quite right to presume that, diamond sellers would not indulge

in token price speculation. Exactly what you end up with is a substantial need for the tokens to pay for diamond deals. This would be set against a huge part of token owners, who do not wish to offer their tokens. The pressure exerted by demand would face a restricted supply– the token would respond with a price rise. As is obvious from this report, the GLITZKOIN project takes the interest of all stakeholders into consideration

. The job has actually made the regard and appreciation of market stalwarts. Experienced crypto space individuals, see this job as a plan for the future of the blockchain and crypto world. #td _ uid_1_5b26754e158b9. td-doubleSlider-2. td-item1 uploads . #td _ uid_1_5b26754e158b9. td-doubleSlider-2. td-item2 #td _ uid_1_5b26754e158b9. td-doubleSlider-2. td-item3 2018