GIGABYTE’s GC-AQC107 10G Ethernet PCIe Card Launched and Listed

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GIGABYTE has actually included the GC-AQC107 10 GbE PCIe card it (a href = the GC-AQC107 will be readily available shortly. An essential concern surrounding the card is what does it cost? will it cost. Aquantia’s MSRP for its own AQN-107 card is $127, but ASUS charges (a href=$99 for its 10 GbE NIC based on the AQC107, so expect the GIGABYTE GC-AQC107 to cost in between $99 and around $130. A quick check of leading U.S. merchants revealed that 10 GbE-supporting switches are still rather expensive and the most economical one is the ASUS XG-U2008 10GBase-T that is offered for$220 from (a href = Amazon and (a href = Newegg. Gallery: (a href= target=_ blank) GIGABYTE’s GC-AQC107 10G Ethernet PCIeCard Launched and Listed (a href= rel=nofollow target=_ blank) Purchase GIGABYTE GC-AQC107 10 GbE NIC on Related Reading (img alt border=0 height=1 src=–NS/0 width =1)