German Blockchain Platform Offers “Equity Tokens” As Legally Bin

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German Blockchain Platform Offers “Equity Tokens” as Legally-Binding ICOs

Neufund managers believe ETOs will be an excellent match to ICOs but more legal, reliable and safe

Germany-based Neufund announced its partnership with six startups to tokenize their equity on the basis of the Neufund’s Blockchain platform.

The brand-new method of fundraising the company offers is called Equity Token Offerings (ETO). According to the company, it is absolutely legal being compliant with the German jurisdiction.

Currently, investors can buy equity tokens with Ethereum or euro. The company management believes that ETOs will be an excellent match to ICOs but more legal, reliable and safe.

3 days 23 hoursHow it works

Neufund works using its own technical infrastructure, in which companies from both Blockchain-based and regular industries will be able to offer their tokens ensuring equity rights. Neufund calls those “equity tokens.”

It complies with all regulations implied by the German legal system, so it has the entire right to perform fundraising on the Blockchain network.

Those can be done with both ETH and euros. Thus Neufund claims to be eliminating the gap between the cryptocurrency sphere and the system of traditional investing. Over 1,000 investors from both crypto and traditional financial spaces have already joined in on considering future investments so companies working with Neufund, will have access now to quite a large community.

Neufund’s equity tokens work as equity tools that allow people with limited investment budget to take up fractional ownership of shares and other securities. One share can be turned into up to one million of equity tokens and even an ordinary investor can afford to own them.

Among the companies that plan to turn their equities into tokens are startups from various areas of business including the Internet of Things, fintech and banking.

The first six companies that have chosen to tokenize their securities are Brille24, Uniti, mySWOOOP, Next Big Thing, Emflux Motors and BlockState.

Their management believes that

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