From $25,000 to $22,000: Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Lowers Bitcoin Rate Forecast

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Fundstrat’s Thomas Lee has actually decreased his Bitcoin rate projection for this year to $22,000 from $25,000.

In making his case the co-founder and managing partner of Fundstrat argued that the cost of Bitcoin should be double that of the flagship cryptocurrency’s mining costs. With the mining cost of Bitcoin presently at US$ 9,100 according to Lee, doubling this cost while including other variables must see the rate of the cryptocurrency reaching US$ 22,000 before completion of 2018.

Cost of Production

Lee went on to argue that the Bitcoin Cost to Mining Breakeven expense (P/BE) expense metric was presently lower than 1 and miners hence had to enhance the cost in order to operate successfully. He was speaking during the 2018 Asia Blockchain Top held in Taipei, Taiwan where he was one of the visitors.!.?.!Referring to the Bitcoin Misery Index(BMI)which he produced and revealed

this year, the co-founder of Fundstrat Worldwide Advisors stated that Bitcoin had already reached a bottom. According to Lee, the BMI’s existing reading is less than 30 and this is a bullish signal considering that the closer the index is to zero the more powerful the idea for financiers to buy.Per Lee, some of the factors why the price of Bitcoin is still way listed below the record high it hit in 2015 consist of

regulative unpredictability. He also suggested that Bitcoin was being harmed by futures contracts.Bitcoin’s Harsh Winter season Lee also kept in mind that the bearish belief this year was more extreme than the one of 2014. 4 years ago it took around 300 days for the rate of thelargest cryptocurrency by market cap to fall by over 70%. This year, however, a similar drop took place in a period of 200 days.Lee initially anticipated that Bitcoin would hit a cost of US$ 25,000 by year-end earlier this year in April.”We still feel pretty positive bitcoin is a great risk/reward, and we think it can reach$25,000 by the end of the year,


reported Lee as having said in a television interview.Only time will inform if Lee’s latest Bitcoin price prediction will come to life. Throughout this year’s Agreement conference, which was held 2 months back in New york city, Fundstrat’s handling partner had actually anticipated that there would be a rally in the cryptocurrency markets.

the rate of Bitcoin really fell while the total cryptocurrency market worth dipped by more than$ 40 billion during the event.Despite the dissatisfaction, Lee still stuck by his forecast of Bitcoin reaching US$ 25,000 by year-end. Until now.La entrada From$25,000 to $22,000: Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Lowers Bitcoin Cost Forecast se publicó primero en ELEVENEWS.