Forum Post: RE: Finest Practices incorporating Modbus TCP/IP or EtherNet/IP

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Depending upon the amount of data per each gadget you also might consider the less expensive basic serial card and utilize Modbus in multidrop with RS485, indicates a number of devices linked to one port on a serial bus. I have done many projects with this constellation and 3rd Party Remote IO. For In/Out communication to each gadget you can manage max 8 devices per port, 16 per card (2ports). Each dataset can manage 128 analogue signals, digital as jam-packed word even more. As DBacker mentioned you must make sure not to connect excessive gadgets in one controller just with Vim or Serial Card. You require to procedure also these signals in your control modules. Don’t make one controller as Signal input and supply over the controller network. Much better divide your signals into sense complete locations over a number of controller. Anyway, Modbus is the least expensive method from the view of DST count (=> > Base count, Batch, foundation assistance etc count all on DST License!) to bring your signals in DeltaV. VIM link through a TCP/IP circuitry, Standard Serial card connect by means of 2 wire Serial cable, like Profibus. The signal exchange even with 38kBaud is fast adequate to update more than 1 times per seconds or data over Modbus of a complete 16DST/128Word per port. If you do not utilize the full 128 signals/DST even much faster. Since a DCS is not as quick as a PLC, everything is managed likewise in a minimum of generally 1 second tasks. It must be excellent enough. Best Regards, Michael