FATHER– Blockchain Advertising New Task, First Program Drew In Millions Users

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Nowadays, blockchain is undoubtedly the hottest and most attractive industry. In 2008, the concept of blockchain first proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto. And now blockchain truly comes into public attention. In the past ten years, blockchain has moved from concept to market. However, the application of blockchain is still being explored. Because of the development of technology and market demand, lots of project built on blockchain appeared including advertising, finance, game and music. The community is the main position for operating blockchain projects, so all major projects are hoping to attract more community users. Candy airdrop is the most effective way to attract users.

Recently, an advertising blockchain project DAD launched “Spark Plan”, which brought millions of candy to users. “Spark Plan” quickly became a hot topic among social media.

DAD “Spark Plan” will release 10 million DAD candies to motivate early community users. “Spark Plan” is divided into four stages, each of stage lasts for one week. Users can get candies by singing up and inviting friends. Up to now, the “spark project” has entered the third stage, with over one million registered users.

“Spark Plan” data list:

• After launched 3 hours, the number of registered exceeded 10,000

• The first day of “Spark Plan”, the number of registered people exceeded 40,000

• Daily highest register number is 168462 higher than Netflix daily user growth in third quarter

• 19:47 on July 21, the number of registered people exceeded 500,000;

• From 7.16 to 7.30 the number of registered users over one million.

It is worth to mention that DAD “Spark Plan” was too popular to Ddos attacked by competitor, resulted in users could not open website and sign up. Although the fans complained occasionally, they still expressed understanding and actively cooperated with DAD to fight hackers.

About DAD

DAD advertising chain is based on the ontology ONT – a new generation of public infrastructure chain and distributing trust collaboration platform. By using smart contracts and Token economy, DAD made data interchanged; transaction transparency; user getting share of the revenue; improved advertising quality and performance result; reconstructed the current digital advertising ecosystem.

• DAD was invested by Danhua Capital and Ontology

• DAD will be listed on top3 exchange soon.

At present, the third stage of the DAD “Spark Plan” is in progress. How many fans will DAD get, and how will it developlet’s wait and see.

DAD airdrop telegraph group:

White paper: https://dad.one/files/dad-whitepaper.pdf?v1

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