Ethereum Blockchain’s Casper & Sharding Roadmap Upgrades to be Integrated

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On June the 15th, the Ethereum Core Devs Meeting #40 took place, leaving important news for the crypto community.

The meeting wants to change the release date of the two main upgrades to the Ethereum’s network, including Casper and Sharding. The first proposal, Casper, was going to be released as a smart contract and separately from Sharding. With the latest discussion held, Casper may be launched on a shard or side chain.

Casper is Etehreum’s consensus algorithm Proof of Stake (PoS) that aims to bring efficiency to the network. Moreover, it wants to offer a better system than the current Proof of Work (PoW). Sharding would help the network scale the system to an incredible number of transactions.

In this way, and according to Buterin, these technologies would be combined to create a version of the protocol that could be much more efficient.

Casper has been published back in 2017, and Sharding was presented by Buterin in April 2018.

Vitalik Buterin commented about this upgrade:

“The Casper component is somewhat more separate from the main chain. That means it can be developed les intrusively in some ways, it can be developed as a separate chain and can have its own rules.”

For Mr. Buterin, this combination of Sharding with Casper will have several advantages for the network. For example, in order to secure the network, it will only be needed to stake 32 ETH instead of 1,500 ETH, which is a very high number.

This will allow regular individuals to participate in staking, and it will not be just for a few participants with money. Moreover, there will be security reasons to upgrade to the new system. It would allow for an ‘animosity’ between nodes on Casper and sharding, thus, increasing the security of the systems.

Moreover, Casper and sharding will be working nearer each other, having a deep effect in the network.

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