Crypto-Communication is Here with the BitVault

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Embedded Downloads of Ireland, and VVDN Technologies, India, are set to become the manufacturers of the world’s first crypto-communicator.

Referred to as BitVault, the unit will work on all existing networks and will integrate advanced blockchain security features.It appears the gadget will first be offered for the fintech and defence market in November. The companies included believe the need for encryption in these markets is greater than in others.When asked about how BitVault prepared to utilize cryptography and blockchain to secure a device like a phone, VVDN Technologies president, Vivek Bandal informed a source that: We use the principle that you are the key. All secrets for encryption are generated by taking your iris, finger prints and utilizing NFC. They are generated dynamically and randomly and ruined upon usage. If I make a safe call, it goes through multi-levels of file encryption and each secret for encryption is created on the fly and is destroyed right after use.Founder of Embedded Downloads, Hein Marais, went into the security features even more.

He outlined the closed-ecosystem which BitVault produces using private and public key sets. This protected interaction technique uses cryptography to leave out all but the gadgets allowed by the user. The phone uses its blockchain security functions when making voice and video calls, as well as when messaging and document transfer too. There’s integrated support for cryptocurrency wallets, and a safe browser.The device which will work on Android OS was very first demoed at London Fintech Week which was help this June. It has a 5.5 inch screen and runs on a 64-bit 2.0 GHz octa-core processor. The BitVault will not support Google Play. Rather, it will come loaded with its own application store. There, users will discover programs established specifically for BitVault and its unique features. GadgetsNow report that the November launch will also happen in the UK’s capital.