Crypto Christmas Dreams 6 Months After Bitcoin Rate Peak– Crypto

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It’s an amazing afternoon by the water in lower Manhattan– the Hudson River is glowing in the sun, the luxury yachts are glinting in the marina– and yet one light outperforms all of it: Anthony Di Iorio’s shoes.The cofounder of Ethereum has the whitest white tennis shoes I’ve ever seen, so scuff-less and out-of-the-box smudge-less that my very first concern is just how? We are outdoors, after all. Wearing a strong navy blue baseball cap, tinted-blue hexagonal aviators and an equally white hoodie when we met this past Tuesday, Di Iorio describes: The trick is a travel shoe cleansing set– plus an endless collection of white sneakers, permitting him to switch out for a brand-new set every month.An ancient Mexican clock hangs on his locket– a gift from EOS cofounder Brock Pierce. Surrounded by a little entourage that consists of a bodyguard in a match and coiled earpiece, Di Iorio, whose cryptocurrency fortune is estimated at as much as $1 billion, …

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