San Francisco Subway Is Free To Use After Ransomware Attack, Hackers Sought Bitcoins

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The holiday season is a time for shopping for gifts, spending time with family and for some, hacking into the San Francisco subway system. In fact, many, many computer systems in San Francisco were hacked this past weekend. So many, in fact, that the entire subway system has been left free to use until the computer problem is resolved. The answer will come in the form of Bitcoin, as this is what the culprits have demanded in return for putting the computer system back online. Over 2000 local computer systems affected A strain of a computer malware, known as HDDCryptor, hit 2,112 computers within the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, according to correspondence with the ransomware’s masters. This has affected the railway system starting on Friday evening, continuing throughout Saturday, and as of Sunday night, there has been no news of a resolution. CBS affiliate KPIX in San Francisco, says sources inside of the city’s transit agency told them on Saturday that the system was hacked days ago. Payment kiosks are out of service and cards can not be purchased. “There’s no impact to the transit service, but we have opened the fare gates as a precaution to minimize customer …

How the Dark Web Works

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Beneath our everyday internet lurks a murky network of encrypted sites known as the Dark Web. Is it all bad? No. But it does fuel a lucrative criminal subculture that could threaten businesses and consumers. The Dark Web is an ominous network of shadowy hackers hellbent on stealing company data, overthrowing the country, and selling drugs to your kids with Bitcoin. Or is it? The hidden and encrypted internet enables hackers and activists and criminals. It’s also a wonderful source for shocking headlines and salacious YouTube stories, and a communication and privacy-enhancing platform. Powered by a network of encrypted websites and accessible only by using a complex set of security tools, the Dark Web is as intriguing as it is beguiling. To understand the realities of the hidden internet, better grab a flashlight. The Dark Web and the deep web are terms often confused and used interchangeably. The deep web is a term that refers to sites and pages unavailable to the general public and not indexed by traditional search engines, like corporate intranet sites, private social media posts, and pages with nofollow search tags. Above the deep web hovers the clearnet, the traditional internet and mobile web used by …

Ransomware May Threaten the Future of Bitcoin

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Bitcoin has jumped in price again. Following a near two-week excursion down south, bitcoin has hit a detour and is now hovering at $581 as of press time. That’s a near $10 rise since our previous price piece. However, the price is still down overall. Although many factors may be contributing to bitcoin’s slight slump, many seem to believe that ransomware poses a particularly nasty threat to the currency’s future.   Bitcoin-Related Ransomware on the Rise In one of our more recent articles, bitcoin’s competition with the U.S. dollar was presented as a potential reason behind the coin’s continual stoop. A recent analyst says that bitcoin is now holding its ground, and is “poised for more gains” in the coming weeks. The source states: “Bitcoin price earlier this past week traded a few points lower against the US Dollar. Later, it started trading in a range. While trading in a range, there was a crucial contracting triangle pattern formed on the 4-hours chart of BTC/USD. Once the range pattern completed, there was an upside move. The BTC bulls managed to break the highlighted contracting triangle pattern and took the price higher. The recent upside move looks convincing due to two reasons. …

Owner of Anonymous Hackers-for-Hire Site Steps Forward

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He calls himself an ethical hacker who helps companies and individuals fight back against the bad guys operating online. Over the years, Charles Tendell also has emerged as a commentator in the news media about the threat posed by overseas hackers and is a former co-host of an online radio show about security. But behind the scenes, Mr. Tendell, a Colorado resident and a decorated Iraq War veteran, started a new website called Hacker’s List that allows people to anonymously post bids to hire a hacker. Many users have sought to find someone to steal an email password, break into a Facebook account or change a school grade. Mr. Tendell, 32, who owns a consulting firm in Denver called Azorian Cyber Security, confirmed on Tuesday that he was the sole owner of the website. He said Hacker’s List, which began as something of an “off the cuff idea,” grew far faster than he anticipated. “I never expected it to turn into what it is,” said Mr. Tendell, a graduate of the University of Phoenix who became certified as an information systems security professional and an ethical hacker in 2011. “I was testing the waters and wanted to see if it …

Time to change your master password, LastPass was hacked

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Password-management service LastPass announced today that it “discovered and blocked suspicious activity” on its network on Friday. While the company says that there is no evidence that user vault data (a user’s stored passwords) was taken or that accounts were accessed, it did acknowledge that user email addresses, authentication hashes, password reminders and server per user salts were compromised. LastPass is confident that its encryption is strong enough to make attacking those stolen hashes with any speed difficult. But yeah, if you’re a LastPass customer you should change your password. Even though LastPass recommends you change your password if you have a weak master password or use that password on multiple sites, you really should change your master password — and switch on multifactor authentication — just in case.

Are you guilty of the following password mistakes?

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This is a great time to be really honest with yourself! Because if you’re not worried about your security between you, all the hard work that you’ve put in to get to where you are today, then don’t be surprised or say you weren’t informed when someday you login to find you’ve been compromised. So do………..? You use the same password on all websites you are registered with. Your password is too short. Let’s take each case and from a hackers point see what he or she can do with current technology. 1. You use the same password on all websites you have registered with. This means if one site you use is breached i.e. your password is leaked the attacker can access every site you own Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Paypal and everything else. Secondly, a dishonest or incompetent website owner might store your password in plain text. Then if you register with that site the owner can take your password and email and try different websites to see if you have an account there. 2. Your password is too short. With current technology and say your password is something like “dinky1”, a computer programm can try all combinations of …