Stellar Launches SWIFT-like Blockchain-Backed Money Transfer Network

Stellar Launches SWIFT-like Blockchain-Backed Money Transfer Network

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Stellar is launching one of the first Blockchain applications which may hold the potential to affect a large number of people outside the digital currency space, through its global money transfernetwork aimed at some of the world’s largest remittance markets. It has been described by CTO Jed McCaleb as an open-source SWIFT-like network that allows connected organizations to transact with one another thus helping to reduce the friction that contributes to higher fees. The platform also connects diverse financial systems with one technical integration. He says to Cointelegraph: “Given the diverse nature of global financial services today, this interoperability can substantially lower global remittance costs by making transactions that cross national boundaries, currencies and financial institutions much more efficient. Transactions processed on the Stellar network take only 3-5 seconds to complete, and are extremely low-cost, regardless of the size of the payment amount, attributes that make the platform uniquely suitable for international remittances.” Cross-border payments Stellar has partnered four key institutions to enable low-cost global money transfers to India, the Philippines and Europe as well as cross-border M-PESA payments to and from Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria. These new partnerships are particularly meaningful to the company because it is one of …

Blockchain Proven to be Faster Than Wire Transfers in Banking Payment Test

Blockchain Proven to be Faster Than Wire Transfers in Banking Payment Test

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Bitcoin and its revolutionary Blockchain technology have many advantages over the status quo. This ranges from better security, lower costs and superior inclusion. Another advantage is the speed of transactions, as the legacy banking system has been using the wire transfer method for generations. Now, results from a test run by a group of banking interests in Japan have revealed that Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology is more than ready to drag the current monetary transfer system into the 21st century. According to the Asian Nikkei Review, the unnamed “megabanks,” the Deloitte Tohmatsu accounting group and the Bitcoin exchange bitFlyer have been running Blockchain tests for a considerable part of 2016, with the final tests concluding in September. The goal was to see if Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology could hold up to the rigors and speed requirements of the current currency transfer systems. You could say that these tests were successful. “Blockchain’s low processing speed was seen as a major drawback of the technology,” said the Asian Nikkei Times. “But researchers were able to conduct 1,500 transactions per second using Blockchain, on par with the nearly 1,400 transactions the current interbank wire system is capable of handling at peak times.” The banks again were …

Jerry Brito of Coin Center: Give Bitcoin 5 Years to Do What Google, Facebook Did

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Jerry Brito, the executive director of Coin Center, which has been advocating for the advancement and free use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, says Bitcoin still needs about five more years to be powerful. Coin Center is a Washington think tank that studies the Blockchain and digital currencies. Brito, who has been involved in advising the government to take a light regulatory approach as the technologies evolve, thinks that now is the best time to get involved in the cryptocurrency. Jerry Brito has been a vocal Bitcoin advocate since 2014 when he launched Coin Center as an independent nonprofit research center, focused on the public policy issues facing cryptocurrencies. He said in Chedder Live that: “If we compare Bitcoin to the early internet, we didn’t get the real Web until the mid 1990s with the introduction of Netscape and it took five more years before we got Google to make the Web useful and it wasn’t until five years after that that we got Facebook and Netflix and things that we take for granted today. So where are we today? Look, I think we are five to ten years from the true kind of power that everybody is expecting. But …

How Blockchain Technology Will Disrupt Elections And Empower Individuals

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As unprecedented charges of rigging have loomed over the U.S. presidential election, much attention has focused on the capability of blockchain technology to make voting more transparent. Joseph Lubin, the founder of ConsenSys and the co-founder of Ethereum, observed in an article in Futurism that decentralizing technologies have important implications for not only improving elections, but in empowering individuals overall. In addition to charges of rigging, this year’s U.S. election featured the emergence of foreign and non-state actors wielding the power to influence the election’s outcome. Decentralized actors form Wikileaks to Anonymous have exerted influence over the race. A foreign controller of a big botnet can create major confusion which can affect events from a distance, Lubin noted. Where the United States has historically sought to police the world, the world has since become capable of exerting checks and balances on the U.S. political system. Chinese and Russian hacks, meanwhile, are exerting information-based influence on foreign shores. Stuxnet and similar cyber weapons have delivered millions of dollars’ worth of damage. Blockchain technology’s decentralizing power will deliver tools that can not only disrupt existing systems, but also provide solutions to enable more transparent, predictable and fairer outcomes. Governance Through Code When organizations …