4 Reasons Why Your Nation Will Kill Cash For A Digital Currency

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Yes, I’m talking to you. Yes, I’m talking about your country, whether it is Russia, China, or the United States. The more modern and advanced your economy, the faster it is coming your way. The discussions have been going on for a couple of years now on how to do it. The only question is when to spring it on the masses. If you are in a less than a state-of-the-art economy, like Pakistan or Guam, you probably have a lot more time left with the paper. Most of us aren’t so lucky. Cash has been on the clock in the most advanced nations for years, with central banks limiting how much cash you can get, even from your own account. Limits have been dropping to as low as 5000 units of paper in some nations, and even then you will have to surrender your ID or go through some level of interrogation. The future of money does not include paper, and here are four reasons why digital currencies will become your official national currency. Reason #1 – The best way to control a nation is to control its money supply Governments are all about control. Whether it is doling out …

8 Major Bitcoin Debit Cards: How Private and Anonymous Are They?

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CoinTelegraph contacted the eight major providers of Bitcoin debit cards with the question: Can Bitcoin debit cards really be private or anonymous? Below are the results, categorized by region and level of disclosure required. Financial privacy: Bitcoin vs. banks One of the main advantages of using Bitcoin over traditional funding methods is privacy. When a Bitcoin transaction is sent, its record is permanent and public on the blockchain, but not tied to any particular identity. Many users, such as those who frequented the Silk Road, prefer Bitcoin for exactly this reason: it’s anonymous and private. However, one of the major challenges of using Bitcoin is the limited number of merchants and services that accept it as payment. Enter Bitcoin debit cards, a product that takes Bitcoin and converts it into currency for use at traditional merchants. The challenge with Bitcoin debit cards is that, by and large, they tend to require the same level of financial disclosure of traditional financial institutions. While this is still an advantage over banks, which can shut down the account of a customer at any time under any pretense (especially under pressure from government), it still does not constitute financial privacy. Full identification (US) Coinbase Coinbase has …

Europeans Can Now Receive Their Paycheck in Bitcoin

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Europe-based bitcoinCT r:  3 services provider Cashila has recently released a Bitwage-like Euro-to-Bitcoin payroll system, allowing European employees to request their wages to be paid in bitcoin through a simple bank or SEPA payment. The payment process of the sender or the employer will stay the exactly the same. On the Cashila platform, the receiver will create a payroll request with the inclusion of necessary bank details, including specific reference number, IBAN Bank account number, payment amount, etc. Once completed, employees and freelancers can export the invoice as a PDF or send it via email to their employers and wait for the payment to be processed by the bank and Cashila. The users of the platform may also receive bitcoin through a European bank account, by transferring bitcoins to the platform’s Euro Wallet, then immediately converting to Euros. Through this service called “Reserve Cashila Feature,” the Cashilla team aims to help spur mainstream bitcoin growth in Europe, and protect freelancers and employees from bitcoin price volatility. Cashila co-founder Jani Valjavec stated: “This is a faster and cheaper version of banking as we know it. Your version.” Upon its launch, the service received criticism from the bitcoin community due to its inefficient payment …

Is This Man the Reason Behind the Bitcoin Price Surge?

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Bitcoin price analysts are struggling to identify the rationale behind the sudden price spike in the cryptocurrency’s value as it broke the US$400 mark on November 3, surpassing a market cap of more than US$6 billion. One thing for sure is that nobody can deny the effect China has had on the market in November 2013, the first time it surged past the US$500 mark. This time around, however, things might be a little different. According to research done by Finance Today’s Izabella Kaminska, this recent Bitcoin rally could be caused by a Pyramid Scheme named MMM, orchestrated by Sergei Mavrodi, a convicted Russian serial Ponzi scheme organizer. Mavrodi, whose latest Ponzi scheme targets Chinese investors, has never shied away from admitting that his enterprises are all Pyramid schemes, in fact, he promotes his new program as a PyraMMMid where investors are urged to post profit testimonials on YouTube to “increase their revenues.” According to the English version of the website, new members are required to purchase Bitcoin, which they then pump into the Pyramid Scheme’s “mutual aid” program, paying off the earlier adopters, with a promise of 30% return on their investments at the end of the month. The program …

Sweden to Become World’s First Cashless Country

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A study by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm shows that Sweden is on track to become the world’s first cashless country. Today, five of six major banks in Sweden are already refusing to operate with cash. As a result, and considering the latest Tax Authority guidelines, Bitcoin has the potential to become a commonly used currency in Sweden. Fully digital People are becoming increasingly accustomed to using bank cards to pay even for the smallest purchases in Sweden with four out of five purchases made electronically. Now, with the increasing penetration of mobile and P2P payment systems, the necessity to use cash is quickly becoming obsolete. Niklas Arvidsson, a researcher in industrial economics and management at KTH, stated: “Cash is still an important means of payment in many countries’ markets, but that no longer applies here in Sweden.” Moreover, the recent launch of mobile payment app Swish from several major Swedish and Danish banks is already revolutionizing the local banking system, says Arvidsson. As a result, several major banks are refusing to accept cash at all. According to Arvidsson, there are less than 80 billion Swedish crowns in circulation (about EUR8 billion) and out of that amount, …


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Kim Dotcom, the outspoken founder of Megaupload, Mega and other firms, recently tweeted about the Chinese Stock Market. The Chinese stock market experienced turbulence in late July and early August and since global stocks have taken a slide.    In the tweet, he suggests his Twitter followers “Get some #Bitcoin.” Dotcom, a German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur, businessman and political activist, was accused of criminal copyright infringement and other charges by the US Department of Justice. He is fighting etradition proceedings in New Zealand. Having founded the file hosting service Megaupload, and Mega, authorities charged that he enabled the file sharing of copyrighted material. His home was raised in 2012 by US authorities.   His next business venture after Megaupload, Mega, launched in January 2013 – one year after Megaupload was closed down. Mega is a cloud storage service using encryption. When PayPal ceased serving Kim Dotcom’s Mega, he tweeted about Bitcoin. Dotcom has long supported Bitcoin, as can be seen here.