Fool Me Once … Top 5 Bitcoin-Related Scams for 2015

admin Bitcoin 2.0, Bitcoin News, bitcoin scams, CoinGreed, Crypto News, Cyber Crime & Cyber Terrorism 0 Comments is always keen to bring to readers’ attention anything suspicious in crypto-industry and beyond. We’ve been surprised by the sheer audacity of some rogue players still playing a major role in today’s market, so read on for our pick of the very worst. Don’t forget to leave your opinion beneath the article – debate helps pressure bad actors into explaining their actions and showing their true colors. OneCoin CoinTelegraph previously ran an expose about OneCoin, the global ponzi scheme seemingly able to fool everyone from the Economist to the hoards of trolls who took to our comments sectionfollowing publication of the article. Far from dying out, OneCoin continues to spread, despite the comprehensive list of discrepancies – some of which are even shocking in their carelessness – which are freely available for discovery in its own marketing material. Stunts such as calling a paid advertisement in Forbes Bulgaria as a genuine interview and mismatching information about the founders and their qualifications are complimented by bizarre charity spin-off websites and some of the most incomprehensible English usage imaginable. Add to that repeated claims of partnerships in which the “partners” deny any knowledge of OneCoin, and a user agreement seemingly copied …

Apple Watch Turns Gold with Bitcoin

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Honey Dipped Plating has announced its accepting bitcoin for its gold plating service for Apple Watches and bands as of November 3. The gold plating service makes it possible for the average consumer to obtain a regular apple watch that looks almost identical to the gold version of the Apple watch for only a fraction of the retail price. Brian Yang, CEO commented:  “Bitcoin, which utilizes blockchain technology goes hand in hand to our alternative and disruptive thinking here at” The company provides gold plating services for the stainless steel Apple Watch and Band in gold or rose gold. In fact, the quality of the 24-karat upgrade is as good as the real thing that even Apple staff couldn’t find visual difference between the plated version and the US$17,000 Apple Watch Edition. The gold plating service costs US$299 while already plated watches are also available. The gold plating method used completely immerses the Apple Watch in a safe solution for a thick uniform coating that is highly resistant to fading. Moreover, the company provides 2-year warranty for all orders. BitPay has been selected as the payment processor for bitcoin transactions. In other words, Honey Dipped Plating will be able to avoid BTC …

Is This Man the Reason Behind the Bitcoin Price Surge?

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Bitcoin price analysts are struggling to identify the rationale behind the sudden price spike in the cryptocurrency’s value as it broke the US$400 mark on November 3, surpassing a market cap of more than US$6 billion. One thing for sure is that nobody can deny the effect China has had on the market in November 2013, the first time it surged past the US$500 mark. This time around, however, things might be a little different. According to research done by Finance Today’s Izabella Kaminska, this recent Bitcoin rally could be caused by a Pyramid Scheme named MMM, orchestrated by Sergei Mavrodi, a convicted Russian serial Ponzi scheme organizer. Mavrodi, whose latest Ponzi scheme targets Chinese investors, has never shied away from admitting that his enterprises are all Pyramid schemes, in fact, he promotes his new program as a PyraMMMid where investors are urged to post profit testimonials on YouTube to “increase their revenues.” According to the English version of the website, new members are required to purchase Bitcoin, which they then pump into the Pyramid Scheme’s “mutual aid” program, paying off the earlier adopters, with a promise of 30% return on their investments at the end of the month. The program …

Bitcoin Awareness Campaign Launches Across Major U.S. Cities

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I often sit and consider what I would do on the off chance that I had a million dollars. When I chat with people about Bitcoin, they understand very little about it. The more I teach them on the benefits, the more they appreciate its value. Giving the regular person an “elevator pitch” on the benefits of Bitcoin technology is time well spent. It really doesn’t take long to enlighten someone on something so innovative and needed, worldwide. The average Joe is accustomed to the media telling them bad news about Bitcoin. Whether it is investigating its drop in relative worth versus the U.S. Dollar, or concentrating on the occasions like Silk Road or Mt. Gox. TV is still the predominant medium of North America and the world, and they call it “programming,” as they should. But perhaps the time has come to change channels when it comes to Bitcoin? Back to having a million dollars. Since Bitcoin is my primary concern right now, I think helping the world see exactly how it will change the world for the better is a noble thought. Why not make a bundle of TV advertisements that would highlight its numerous advantages? Why not …

Blockstack to Provide Custom Blockchain Technology Solutions

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Blockstack, formerly known as CryptoCorp, is seeking to provide custom blockchain technology solutions to companies in Wall Street. The underlying technology behind bitcoin has been gaining more and more attention these days, particularly from financial firms seeking to explore its practical applications. Several banks are already tapping into the features of the distributed public ledger, as this could prove to reduce costs and enhance security of record-keeping and trade settlement operations. Online retail giant Overstock has even experimented with cryptosecurties and using blockchain technology to facilitate trading. Blockchain Technology in Finance “This is a software stack to enable financial services to have a private isolated blockchain that became exciting to financial institutions, because now they can start working on applications and back-office systems,” said Standard Chartered Bank veteran Peter Shiau, who serves as the Blockstack’s COO. He is joined by Phillip Harris, advisor and former head of FX at Nasdaq. Blockstack isn’t the first firm to offer blockchain technology solutions to larger institutions in Wall Street, as a growing number of companies such as Chain, Eris Ltd, Gem and Digital Asset Holdings are also focusing on the same initiatives. In particular, Blockstack aims to educate its clients to leverage the …


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Kim Dotcom, the outspoken founder of Megaupload, Mega and other firms, recently tweeted about the Chinese Stock Market. The Chinese stock market experienced turbulence in late July and early August and since global stocks have taken a slide.    In the tweet, he suggests his Twitter followers “Get some #Bitcoin.” Dotcom, a German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur, businessman and political activist, was accused of criminal copyright infringement and other charges by the US Department of Justice. He is fighting etradition proceedings in New Zealand. Having founded the file hosting service Megaupload, and Mega, authorities charged that he enabled the file sharing of copyrighted material. His home was raised in 2012 by US authorities.   His next business venture after Megaupload, Mega, launched in January 2013 – one year after Megaupload was closed down. Mega is a cloud storage service using encryption. When PayPal ceased serving Kim Dotcom’s Mega, he tweeted about Bitcoin. Dotcom has long supported Bitcoin, as can be seen here.