Blockstack to Provide Custom Blockchain Technology Solutions

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Blockstack, formerly known as CryptoCorp, is seeking to provide custom blockchain technology solutions to companies in Wall Street. The underlying technology behind bitcoin has been gaining more and more attention these days, particularly from financial firms seeking to explore its practical applications. Several banks are already tapping into the features of the distributed public ledger, as this could prove to reduce costs and enhance security of record-keeping and trade settlement operations. Online retail giant Overstock has even experimented with cryptosecurties and using blockchain technology to facilitate trading. Blockchain Technology in Finance “This is a software stack to enable financial services to have a private isolated blockchain that became exciting to financial institutions, because now they can start working on applications and back-office systems,” said Standard Chartered Bank veteran Peter Shiau, who serves as the Blockstack’s COO. He is joined by Phillip Harris, advisor and former head of FX at Nasdaq. Blockstack isn’t the first firm to offer blockchain technology solutions to larger institutions in Wall Street, as a growing number of companies such as Chain, Eris Ltd, Gem and Digital Asset Holdings are also focusing on the same initiatives. In particular, Blockstack aims to educate its clients to leverage the …


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Kim Dotcom, the outspoken founder of Megaupload, Mega and other firms, recently tweeted about the Chinese Stock Market. The Chinese stock market experienced turbulence in late July and early August and since global stocks have taken a slide.    In the tweet, he suggests his Twitter followers “Get some #Bitcoin.” Dotcom, a German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur, businessman and political activist, was accused of criminal copyright infringement and other charges by the US Department of Justice. He is fighting etradition proceedings in New Zealand. Having founded the file hosting service Megaupload, and Mega, authorities charged that he enabled the file sharing of copyrighted material. His home was raised in 2012 by US authorities.   His next business venture after Megaupload, Mega, launched in January 2013 – one year after Megaupload was closed down. Mega is a cloud storage service using encryption. When PayPal ceased serving Kim Dotcom’s Mega, he tweeted about Bitcoin. Dotcom has long supported Bitcoin, as can be seen here.


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The San Francisco-based dispensary, Trees, wants to hook you up with a cannabis kit, so all of your needs are taken care of in one place. The company acknowledges that – with technology like vaporizers, dabs, and so on, cannabis has become pretty complex (especially after a dome straight to the head). So for that reason, Trees stocks the latest tech and glassware for your blazing pleasure and packages in a convenient form. Medicinal use of cannabis in California has been legal since 1996. While in Colorado and Washington cannabis is recreational, in California, the legalization of recreational is on the ballot for next year. The medical industry have allowed a booming medical marijuana industry to grow. Trees unique product is “the original craft cannabis box.” The company offers a beginner model for $99 and two boxes for $149, each containing flower, extracts, and accessories. CEO of Trees, Marshall Hayner, garnered much press for his idea about delivering the craft cannabis box via drones. The idea of delivery by drones, popularized by Amazon, has come across some issues in the US with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), NASA and Verizon citing safety concerns. But, in the near future, your Trainwreck …

How Bitcoin’s Technology Could Make Supply Chains More Transparent

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Reid Williams is a senior designer and engineer at IDEO Futures, where he works at the intersection of technology, design, and new venture creation. Alongside Joe Gerber, he is kicking off the Bits + Blocks Lab, a pop-up blockchain startup creation lab hosted at the Harvard Innovation Lab. This post, which examines how the technology behind bitcoin could make supply chains much more transparent, is part of the Humans + Bits + Blocks series. Where does stuff come from? Whether we buy a taco or an iPhone, we’re at the receiving end of a supply chain that often stretches around the globe. Usually we don’t think much about it, and this is a good thing. But sometimes it’s important to know more. Taking a bite out of a taco involves a certain amount of trust: trust that the kitchen that made the taco is sanitary, that the ingredients that went into it are fresh, and that the taco tastes good. This trust is critical, but there’s so much more we could know. We could create entirely new relationships with the stuff we buy, namely where it came from and how it arrived in our hands. Blockchains offer a way to introduce transparency …


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Allow me to introduce you to someone who has the potential to be very important in the future of Bitcoin. His name is Balaji Srinivasan, and he is the chairman and co-founder of 21 Inc. What is 21 Inc? 21 Inc. is the Bitcoin startup that secured the most venture capital of any Bitcoin company in history, at $116 million. What do they need $116 million in venture capital for? They are investing in “future proprietary products designed to drive mainstream adoption of Bitcoin.” With that in mind, the research of 21 Inc. has highlighted some interesting Bitcoin factoids. One Srinivasan released at the second annual Bitcoin Job Fair held last weekend in Sunnyvale, California regarding how big Bitcoin has become in the computing world. Google is big, but Bitcoin is bigger. How big is it? Honestly, I looked online to find out what a petahash rate and a gigahash rate was, and that is one long rabbit hole, so I’ll leave the technical ramble to techies like Mr. Srinivasan. He makes the comparison to Google based on the fair assumption that they are using 1e7 servers, for 1e7 H/s per Xeon, and ~10 Xeons/server = 1 PH/s. One petahash …

Facelift: How Decentralized Social Networks Could Make Crypto Cool

Facelift: How Decentralized Social Networks Could Make Crypto Cool

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Social networking has become ubiquitous throughout much of the world but introduce decentralization, and the traditional network becomes something unrecognizable. The prosaic notion of an ‘egalitarian’ social network, where each user both controls and feels their power within it, on the surface fits well with the notion of decentralized technologies – the blockchain, decentralized ledger and cryptocurrency. Although the latter has only existed in the mainstream for six years or so, in 2015 decentralized networks are already making this notion a reality. Social networks used throughout the world – notably Facebook – tend to use advertising as their major source of revenue. Advertising manipulates users and gathers information about their lifestyles, and is in turn tied to fiat currency, which allows the network to continue operating. The manipulation element is key: users sign up to the network, which then uses their habits to generate revenue, while keeping them on the network through targeted advertising and by giving them a freely customizable interface which lets them feel ‘in control’. This mechanism of manipulation is one aspect of Facebook’s operation, in particular, which has generated criticism. Other aspects are notably the selling of user data to third party companies – a security …