Blockchain Pioneer Amihan Signs Up With Sovrin Network

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One of the pioneers of blockchain technology in the Philippines, Amihan Global Strategies, is joining Sovrin Network as an Establishing Steward and the very first Steward to represent the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

As Amihan becomes a part of the Sovrin Structure, the business will be an active factor in regards to intellectual and infrastructural resources to make Sovrin Network active and secure.Amihan is a key leader on blockchain in ASEAN. It likewise has a partnership with the Bankers Association of the Philippines.”Our digital identity is a detailed story of who we are, And for too long, we have actually enabled centralized institutions to compose and share that story. As a Sovrin Steward, Amihan is excited and committed to help Filipinos and the ASEAN community recover their stories. “– Mr. Winston Damarillo, Executive Chairman, Amihan Global Strategies The Sovrin Structure founded in 2016 is creating the Sovrin Network. It aims to offer a

true self-sovereign identity to every individual, organization, and connected devices with true self-sovereign identity. With the Sovrin Network, digital identity is decentralized, safe, portable, private, and trustworthy.Ms. Heather C. Dahl, the executive director of Sovrin Foundation, shares that self-sovereign identity is ideal

that can cross borders and is everywhere much like the web.”Making sure the enduring self-reliance and availability of the Sovrin Network is essential to our objective.

Adding a Steward as progressive and transformative as Amihan and in a region as essential as southeast Asia is a crucial action in Sovrin’s evolution and we’re really pleased about it.”– Ms. Heather C. Dahl, Executive Director, Sovrin Foundation Presently, there are 38 Stewards that runs the validator nodes. With Amihan in the group, it assists to maintain the Sovrin journal by keeping it trusted, independent, and secure.Also: If you like what you read here, please think about signing up for our newsletter!.?.