Blockchain Elite Meet-up, Asia Pacific Media Summit

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XBrick CEO Leafer Zhao Went To the Asia Pacific Blockchain New Media Summit Forum Round Table Interview

11th Jan afternoon, sponsored by Xiha Financing, co-organised by XBrick, ICOZaoNiao, Coinsotc, 2018 Asia Pacific Blockchain New Media Summit Forum & & Xiha Financing Introducing Event was held at the Langham Hong Kong Hotel.

Discussions, deep sharing and round table interview sections cause conversations of service insights and the current market movements. The core subject of the online forum was to check out how the “blockchain + application” environment was constructed with sustainability.

The creator of Xiha Finance, Luo GangYu spoke on the opening of the online forum. He said, under this moment of economy globalisation, innovation was changing individuals’s daily life. Web, IoT, AI, blockchain, big information, quantum, all these innovations were moving the neighborhood development forward with unbelievable speed. For instance, the blockchain applications served the genuine economy and would have the ability to simplify and deal with numerous complex and formerly unsolvable issues.

XBrick, an international crypto currency exchange, CEO Leafer Zhao participated in the online forum round table interview. The interview discussions with 6 visitors concentrated on the blockchain market chances in 2018. During the interview, Leafer Zhao who had previous investment banking experience shared his vision on what is XBrick’s role in this market and how we might use the participation benefit under this tide. As a global crypto currency exchange, XBrick did not only provide a platform for trading, but likewise interacted with blockchain task teams, token holders, along with lots of other supporters and fans. This interaction was able to assist the job development moving along and to develop responsive and transparent understanding among advocates. XBrick hoped to interact with other exchanges, job groups, media channels to together promote and contribute to the international blockchain industry development.Media Contact Business Name:X Blockchain Pty Ltd ContactIndividual: Media Relations Email:
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