Blockchain and Bitcoin round-up: 9 November 2017″ Banking Technology

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House” Format“ News“Blockchain and Bitcoin round-up: 9 November 2017

Blockchain and Bitcoin round-up: 9 November 2017

Whether it’s AI to bridge cryptocurrencies or somebody accidentally losing it, something is constantly going on, whether right or wrong on the planet of blockchain and Bitcoin. Our latest round-up functions Parity, AiX, R3 and SIA.

More than $300 million in the Ether lost

We all make mistakes, but for Parity, it might trigger enormous implications after a bug in its digital wallet service led to the loss of more than $300 million in the cryptocurrency, Ether. This followed a fix to a previous bug which allowed hackers to steal $32 million from multi-signature wallets.The result led to a

Github user, devops199, to unintentionally trigger a new defect left by Parity offering the user ownership of digital multi-signature wallets. Plainly panicked, the user deleted the code that moved the owners to themselves. Unfortunately, rather than returning the cash, it locked out all funds with no method of accessing. Parity is still trying to fix the issue and have actually because launched a declaration stating it’s notified afflicted users andis currently evaluating the situation.

While it’s bad times for Parity, it’s a not all doom and gloom for Calum Parry Follow Calum at @CalumBankTech Register to our Daily News Digest Receive FREE

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