Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 11/15/2017– New Record Highs in Sight?

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  • Bitcoin Cost Key Emphasizes Bitcoin rate looks prepared to resume its climb as it bounced off the area of interest and retracement level on its long-term chart.Applying the Fibonacci extension tool shows the next upside targets.Price is approaching the 38.2 %extension just past the$7000 mark while technical indicators recommend uptrend continuation.Bitcoin price is resuming its climb after finding support at an area of interest and setting its sights on the Fib extension levels.Technical Indicators Signals The 100 SMA is above the longer-term 200 SMA to suggest that the path of least resistance is to the advantage, which suggests that

    the rally is more likely to continue than to

    reverse. The gap in between the moving averages is broadening to reflect strengthening bullish momentum.If this maintains, bitcoin price could move up to the 38.2%extension past$7000 then to the 50%extension near the record highs and $8000 mark. The 61.8%extension is at $8642 then

    the 76.4 %extension is at$9358. The full extension is all the way up to $10514.63. Stochastic is just making its method out of the oversold region to reflect a return in bullish momentum. A bullish divergence can be seen as this oscillator made lower lows given that mid-October while cost had higher lows.RSI has been on its method down however has actually turned back up to indicate that bulls are excited to leap back in without even seeing oversold conditions. Both oscillators have a lot of space to climb so bitcoin cost could follow suit.Fresh setbacks to tax reform are haunting the dollar as Senator Paul Rand declared plans to eliminate the specific required part of Obamacare in line with tax legislation. This might postpone any progress between the Senate and your house which is due to vote on their version of the bill later this week.Meanwhile, the shaky launch of competing bitcoin gold has actually allowed the core version to gain back footing. For as long as network acceptance remains low, bitcoin rate could continue to reap gains and recuperate from the selloff after the difficult fork suspension. Bitcoin News source since 2012 Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 11/15/2017– New Record Highs in Sight?