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Bankroll Management

So, the most important strategy you must know is called Bankroll Management this is so important!

Bankroll Management aims to use your capital that is available for gambling in a way that you are able to win a nice amount of cash and keep losses as low as possible. What does that mean for you in concrete terms? Only bet a small fraction of your capital each time, and only play even bets (single-chances).

Let’s say that you deposit $500 and play in one of my favorite online casinos

Now you could sit down and bet $100 in Roulette on the number 23 because you “feel” that this number will be next. Well, of course you could win 3,500$ when you are right, but in 97% of the cases you will have reduced your bankroll to $400. Do this for another four times, and you are already broke. Then you have to either deposit money again, or stop playing. Which means the fun is already over.
It’s much better to only play for small fractions of your bankroll. For Roulette and Black Jack, I recommend to only play with 1/20 of your capital. In the example with $500, you should only bet $25 or less. And if you play Roulette, I’d suggest that you only play even chances such as Red or Black. This way, you can have lots of fun – and for a very long time!

4 Reasons Why You Should Play Online

I guess you are already playing online casino games, otherwise you wouldn’t have subscribed to my newsletter. But nonetheless, some of my subscribers prefer to play in brick and mortar casinos, while others online gamble online.
Personally, I enjoy both. I love the socializing, the drinks and the glamorous atmosphere in the “real” places. But there are also huge benefits of playing from home. Here are my four favorite advantages:
No traveling: Most of us don’t live in Las Vegas or in Macao. So playing in a brick and mortar casino involves quite a bit of travelling, by car or even by plane. I love to play online when I’m in the mood for a few games, without having to pack my bags and to book a flight.
No dress code: Sure, occasionally I love to dress up. But usually, I prefer to stay in the clothes that I’m most comfortable with. And when I play at my computer, nobody can see me, so I can play in shorts and sandals if I chose to.
No waiting at crowded tables: It already happened at my local casino that I had to wait in order to play Roulette or Black Jack. This happened probably to you, too? Well, my time is too valuable to spend it waiting for a free spot.

Free Money: Yes, you’ve read it right. Besides the drinks, nothing is free in brick and mortar casinos. This is completely different when playing online. Take this offer here for example, where the beautiful woman hands you over $20 for free, without requiring you to deposit any money. That’s absolutely great, and there are even many more offers like that one.

Are Online Casinos Fair? Or do they Cheat You?


I’m sure it already happened to you that you were thinking “this casino is definitively cheating me”, “their software is rigged” or “this is impossible to happen”. It happened to me as well. There are many things that are unlikely, like seeing “red” seven times in a row in Roulette, or losing eight hands in a row in Black Jack.
But does this mean that casinos are unfair? No, absolutely not. The more you play, the more often you’ll experience such unlikely events. For example in Roulette, seeing the same color seven times in a row happens quite often. It means that it is only necessary that the same color shows up again during the next 6 wheel spins. And this is calculated (18/37)^6, which gives us 1.3%. So this happens about every 75th time we are looking at a series of 6 spins.
And you shouldn’t put “fairness” on a level with “not losing money”. The large online casinos are fair, they adhere to their stated rules of the games. But as you know, casino games are games of luck, and the house always has an edge. So this means that in the long run, players will lose money (otherwise the casinos would be already broke). And there is no need for casinos to cheat you; the rules are set in a way that they will win in the long run.
So this means that while the games are fair, most players will lose money while playing online. There are two things you can do about that:
  • Stick to the strategies that I’ve outlined for you. Especially, play attention to the bankroll management. Play only with small fractions of your capital, so that you can have fun for a very long time
  • Use welcome bonus offers from casinos, which means that you should hunt around for the best bonuses and play at several places. I can recommend you these three great offers